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Rick Otto Exposed

Name: Rick Otto
Birth date/place: August 10, 1973
Shirtless Rick Otto is best known as Off. Kenneth Dozerman on the HBO series The Wire. In 2011 he became part of the cast of a new thriller series called The Walking Dead. Otto just completed the action/adventure Red Tails, premiering January 20, 2012.Rick_Otto_shirtless_05
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Norman Reedus Exposed

Name: Norman Reedus
Born as: Norman Mark Reedus
Birth date/place: January 6, 1969 in Hollywood, FL
norman reedus shirtless floating
Shirtless Norman Reedus’ best known film role was Murphy MacManus in the The Boondock Saints, and in the sequel The Boondock Saints II. He had roles in American Gangster, which starred Denzel Washington, and in Hero Wanted, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. Reedus currently plays Daryl Dixon on the horror series The Walking Dead.norman reedus shirtless boondock saints ii: all saints day
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Andrew Lincoln Exposed

Andrew_Lincoln_headshot_02 Andrew_Lincoln_headshot_01

Name: Andrew Lincoln
Born As: Andrew Clutterbuck
Birth date/place: September 14, 1973 in London, England


Shirtless Andrew Lincoln appeared in the British drama series This Life, as well as Teachers and Afterlife. Film credits include Love Actually and Heartbreaker. Lincoln is currently playing the lead role in the TV mini- series The Walking Dead.


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Jon Bernthal Exposed

Jon_Bernthal_headshot_02 Jon_Bernthal_headshot_01

Name: Jon Bernthal
Birth date/place: September 20, 1976 in Washington, DC


After appearing on several TV series episodes such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Class, and The Pacific, Shirtless Jon Bernthal is currently one of the lead actors in the horror series The Walking Dead.


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