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Dylan O’Brien: Is that Position So Bad?


Dylan O’Brien is freaking out in this GIF of being stuck in the dog house. He wouldn’t mind being stuck in the dog house with me, I can guarantee that! O’Brien is part of the cast of Teen Wolf. Also watch for him in the up coming film The Maze Runner.

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Linden Ashby Flaunts His Bare Ass

linden ashby shirtless melrose place

linden ashby nude

Linden Ashby has no problem doing sex scenes in front of the camera. It’s not surprising. Check out that ass! It is little and easy to wrap your legs around to go for a ride!  Ashby currently plays Deputy Stilinski on the TV show Teen Wolf. Ashbury got his start in TV as a soap hunk. Great move up.

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Dylan O’Brien Exposed


I am going to close my eyes and dream that is similar to Dylan O’Brien’s real pecker!  No matter, I’ll bet that he knows how to use what he has!  O’Brien is one of many really hot guys on the show Teen Wolf. He plays Stiles on the show.  Watch for him in the film The Maze Runner coming out in early 2014.


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Colton Haynes Exposed


Trivia: He has a wall in his house that is called “The Great Wall of Positivity” where he writes all of his positive thoughts
Shirtless Colton Haynes is a model and actor. He appeared in a TV film called Always and Forever and has made guest appearances in other television series such as The Hills, CSI:Miami, Privileged, and Pushing Daisies. He plays Brett Crezki in the show The Gates and has just started playing  Jackson Whittemore in a new series Teen Wolf.


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Keahu Kahuanui Exposed


Shirtless Keahu Kahuanui has an incredible body that any guy would admire. Kahuanaui began his acting career in 2011 and has already landed a recurring character in the TV show Teen Wolf. He is playing Danny Mahealani in the show. Hopefully they will keep using him because he is totally hot to look at.Keahu Kahuanui shirtless teen wolf

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Tyler Hoechlin Exposed


Shirtless Tyler Hoechlin got his big break when he co-starred with Tom Hanks in the 2002 film Road to Perdition. He joined the cast of 7th Heaven in the role of Martin Brewer. He remained on the series from its beginning in 2003 until it ended in 2007. Hoechlin’s latest role is Derek Hale on the new comedy/drama Teen Wolf. The show premiered on June 5, 2011.


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