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Jason Ritter Exposed

Shirtless Jason Ritter, son of the late actor John Ritter, may be best known as Kevin Giradi in the TV series Joan of Arcadia and as Sean Walker in The Event. He plays the role of Wally in the comedy/drama film Free Samples which will be released in 2012.Jason_Ritter_shirtless_06
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Max Minghella Exposed

Shirtless Max Minghella made his feature film debut in the film Bee Season in 2005. His first starring role was in Art School Confidential in 2006. He played the role of Jerome. Other films Minghella has appeared in include: Agora, The Social Network and The Ides of March. He is in the new film The Darkest Hour, premiering December 25, 2011.Max_Minghella_shirtless_01
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More Matt Damon Exposed

Naked Matt Damon crashed in to Hollywood with his 1997 film Good Will Hunting. Not only did he co-star in it, he also co-wrote it with friend Ben Affleck. The two of them won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay. Damon’s career hasn’t slowed down since then. He has done other incredible movies including: The Departed, Bourne Ultimatum and Inside Job. He is going to be starring in the film We Bought a Zoo, premiering December 23, 2011.
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More Josh Duhamel Exposed

Shirtless Josh Duhamel got started in his career as Danny McCoy in the TV series Las Vegas. He is also a fashion model. Based on the pictures of him, that is quite obvious! Duhamel hasn’t only had success on the small screen he has also been popular in the theaters. He is best known for his role as Major Lennox in the Transformer movies. Duhamel is in the new movie New Year’s Eve, coming out December 9, 2011. He is also working on several other movies. We will keep you up to date as they are coming out!Josh_Duhamel_shirtless_08
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Joseph Morgan Exposed

joseph morgan shirtless ben hur
Shirtless Joseph Morgan
got his start in the role of Troy in the TV series Hex. He than made several guest appearances on Doc Martin and Casualty. Morgan now plays the regular charcter, Klaus, on the show The Vampire Diaries. He was recently in the movie Immortals.

joseph morgan shirtless line of beauty
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Michael Biehn Exposed

Shirtless Michael Biehn would be most recognizable as Kyle Reese in the Terminator, Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in Aliens and Lt. Coffey in The Abyss. Other film credits include roles in Tombstone, The Rock and Planet Terror. Biehn’s latest role is as Mickey in the sci-fi/terror film The Divide.Michael_Biehn_shirtless_21
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