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Shirtless Twink Sebastian de Souza



Sebastian de Souza  is a real cutie. I love his face and his lightly hairy chest. Souza has just begun his acting career and is doing really well. He played Matt Levan in Skins for two seasons. He now has a small role as Alfonso of Aragon  in the show The Borgias.

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Luke Pasqualino Exposed

Name: Luke Pasqualino
Birth date/place: February 19, 1989 in Petersborough, England

Luke Pasqualino is one of my favorite Male Twink Actors. If you like British teen dramas you will recognize Pasqualino from the show Skins. He has also recently made several guest appearances on the show The Borgias. Can they work him in to a regular character? If you watch the show, I will bet so! He is going to be in the new film The Apparition, premiering August 24, 2012.

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Daniel Flaherty Exposed

Shirtless Daniel Flaherty is a Twink if ever saw one! Flaherty began acting in 2005 but his career picked up in 2011 when he played Stanley Lucerne on the short lived show Skins. He is currently in the film Hope Springs and we are hoping to see a lot more of him.Daniel_Flaherty_shirtless_05
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Joe Dempsie Exposed

What a smooth, beautiful Twink body Joe Dempsie has! I wish the scene of him pulling his underwear down was available! I searched and searched. Joe Dempsie’s best know role is as Chris Miles in the 2007 comedy series Skins. He has also made appearances on British series such as Doctor Who, Merlin, This Is England ’86 and The Fades. Dempsie currently play Gandry on the popular series Game of Thrones.Joe_Dempsie_12
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