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Dylan O’Brien Shirtless

Dylan O'Brien ShirtlessDylan O'Brien Shirtless

Dylan O’Brien Shirtless

Dylan O’Brien shirtless and looking good.  Maybe he is liking his partner in the top one better?!

Dylan is one of those rare male actors that comes along and takes the cameras by force. He started acting in 2011 and immediately got the role of Stiles Stilinski on the TV series Teen Wolf.  In 2012 he landed the co-starring role in The First Time and is now starring in his first film The Maze Runner.

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Jordan Gavaris Exposed

Jordan Gavaris is the typical Twink that are becoming more and more popular in Hollywood. Yeah for those who like that look! Gavaris hasn’t been acting long so when he landed the role of Felix Dawkins in the new show Orphan Black it was exciting. I haven’t checked the show out but I will definitely do so now that I know such a hottie is in it!
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Vincent Walsh Exposed

With his hairy chest and his foreign accent Shirtless Vincent Walsh rates up there as one of our favorite foreign film actors. Walsh has done most of his acting on TV. He is best known for his role as Dr. Russell ‘Russ’ Monsour on Jozi-H. He is currently playing Lachlyn / The New Ash on the Lost Girls.Vincent_Walsh_shirtless_06
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Bruno Gagliasso Exposed

Even though I don’t know a lick of Brazilian my tongue would sure know how to move! Bruno Gagliasso has appeared in several Brazilian TV series’ such as Celebridade, America, Sinha Moca, Paraiso Tripical, Circanda de Pedra, India-A Love Story, and Passione.Bruno_Gagliasso_shirtless_10
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Michael Apuzzo Exposed

Michael Apuzzo has a chiseled ass made from pure white marble. Apuzzo is a Dancer/actor and made his professional debut at the Yale Repertory Theater in an original production of Miss Julie. He has performed in several musicals throughout the US and recently finished a national tour of famed choreographer Twyla Tharp’s Broadway show Movin’ Out’. Apuzzo joined the Paul Taylor Dance Company in 2008 and has been full time with them since then.


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