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Luke Grimes Exposed


There were so many beautiful pics of Luke Grimes that I had a hard time picking which photos to use! These screen caps come from the show True Blood. If you like this tune in to the show for more nude and shirtless pics. Another role Grimes had was as Ryan Lafferty in the show Brothers & Sisters from 2009-2010. He is staring in the new film Squatters but it is unknown when it will be released. Hopefully soon.Luke_Grimes_GIF_01g

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Ashton Kutcher to be in Jobs


Sometimes a man comes along that is so beautiful he is hard to look at. Sexy Ashton Kutcher is one of those men! Kutcher has had experience with all types of roles in his very successful career. Kutchers career really took off when he got the role of Michael Kelso  in the show That ‘70s Show. He is currently in the show Two and a Half Men. Another great show! Now go to the theatre and see him in the new film Jobs, Should be a good one!

ashton kutcher shirtless two and a half men

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Emile Hirsch Nude


This Full Frontal Nude shot of Emile Hirsch is taken from the film Into the Wild where Hirsch plays the role of Christopher McCandless. Hirsch’s film debut was with Jodie Foster in 2002 in the drama The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. His next film, which is in the beginning stages of production is The Darkest Hour.

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Male Actor Ethan Hawke Nude

 Naked Ethan Hawke has had a very successful career in both film and stage work. He appears Nude in this film, Before The Devil Knows Your Dead. He has a pretty sweet ass. Hawke has been nominated for both a Tony Award and an Academy Award nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category.


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Jai Courtney Exposed

Jai Courtney is well known for his role as Varro in the TV series Spartacus: War of the Damned. He played Charlie in the 2012 film Jack Reacher which starred Tom Cruise and a co-starring role with Bruce Willis in the recently released film A Good Day to Die Hard.Jai_Courtney_shirtless_19
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