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Josh Stewart Exposed

Josh_Stewart_headshot_02 Josh_Stewart_headshot_01

Name: Josh Stewart
Born As: Joshua Regnall Stewart
Birth date/place: February 6, 1977 in Diana, West Virginia
Trivia: He is a competitive snowboarder and boxer


Although Josh Stewart has made guest appearances on television series episodes such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Third Watch, ER Raising the Bar, Criminal Minds and had a small role in the award winning film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, he is probably best known as “Holt McLaren” in the drama series Dirt which starred Courtney Cox. Stewart had the starring role in the mystery/thriller film Wake.


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Israel Rodriguez Exposed

Israel_Rodriguez_headshot_02 Israel_Rodriguez_headshot_01

Name: Israel Rodriguez
Birth date/place: 1982 in Madrid, Spain


Nude Israel Rodriguez is a Spanish actor and has appeared in many television series produced in Spain. Among them are Al salir de clase, El grupo, Javier ya no vive solo, and Arryan. This screen cap is from the film Clandestino.


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J. D. Williams Exposed

J.D._Williams_headshot_02 J.D._Williams_headshot_01

Name: J. D. Williams
Born As:  Darnell Williams
Birth date/place:  May 22, 1978 in Newark, NJ


J. D. Williams appeared in the HBO program OZ and as “Preston ‘Bodie’ Broadus” in the first four seasons of The Wire.  He guest starred on The Sopranos and Third Watch.  Some of Williams’ film appearances have been in Pootie Tang, Popcorn Shrimp, Shanghai Hotel and 4 Life.

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Troy Ruptash Exposed

Troy_Ruptash_headshot_02 Troy_Ruptash_headshot_01

Name: Troy Ruptash


Troy Ruptash made his acting debut on the TV series Law & Order. Since that time he has appeared on ER, Dark Angel, Boston Public, JAG, Without a Trace, and Shark. His most recent work has been in the 2009 film A Marine Story in the role of “Joe”.


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Kirk Acevedo Exposed

Kirk_Acevedo_headshot_02 Kirk_Acevedo_headshot_01

Name:  Kirk Acevedo
Birth date/place:  November 27, 1974 in Brooklyn, NY


Kirk Acevedo has made recurring guest appearances on several television series such as New York Undercover, Third Watch, Band of Brothers, Law & Order: Trial by Jury and The Black Donnellys.  He is best known for his portrayal of “Miguel Alvarez” on the HBO series OZ and currently as “Agent Charlie Francis” on Fringe.


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Jason Lewis Nude Scene


I think these are great shots of Jason Lewis’ bare ass from the show Sex and the City. His character was Smith Jerrod and he reprised his role in both of the Sex and the City movies.  Lewis has done work on Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed and Brothers & Sisters. Some more of his film work includes My Bollywood Bride and Mr. Brooks.

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Alex Dimitriades Exposed

Alex_Dimitriades_headshot_02 Alex_Dimitriades_headshot_01

Name:  Alex Dimitriades
Birth date/place:  December 28, 1973 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Alex Dimitriades made his acting debut as “Nick Poides” in the Australian film The Heartbreak Kid and later played the role in the TV spinoff Heartbreak High.  He appeared in several episodes of the series’  Neighbours, Wildside, Young Lions and Underbelly.  He will play “Michael” in the film Summer Coda coming out sometime in 2010.


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Grant Cramer Exposed

Grant_Cramer_headshot_02 Grant_Cramer_headshot_01

Name:  Grant Cramer
Birth date/place:  November 10, 1961 in Los Angeles, CA


Grant Cramer’s first feature film was New Year’s Evil.  His big role was as “Scotty” in Hardbodies.  He made recurring appearances on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless between 1986 and 1996.  Other film roles include “Mike Tobacco” in Killer Klowns from Outer Space, “Claudio” in Love Is a Gun, “Agent Lyndon” in Mach 2 and “Josh McCoy” in Raptor.


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Scott Neal Exposed

Scott_Neal_headshot_02 Scott_Neal_headshot_01

Name:  Scott Neal
Birth date/place:  June 10, 1978 in London, England


Scott Neal joined the cast of the British crime drama The Bill in 1996 and remained with the show until 2003.  His most recent work is as “Alistair” in the film We Need to Talk About Kieran to be released in the UK in 2010.


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Bill Paxton Exposed

Bill_Paxton_headshot_02 Bill_Paxton_headshot_01

Name:  Bill Paxton
Born As:  William Archibald Paxton
Birth date/place:  May 18, 1955 in Fort Worth TX


Bill Paxton gained recognition in the films Apollo 13 as “Fred Haise”, as “Simon” in True Lies and “”Bill Harding” in Twister.  Paxton currently appears as ‘Bill Henrickson” on the HBO series Big Love.


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Colin Ferguson Exposed


Shirtless Colin Ferguson has made guest appearances on many television series episodes including Becker, Malcolm in the Middle, The Outer Limits, Crossing Jordan and CSI: Miami.  He appeared nude in the film S. Ferguson now has the lead role in the series Eureka.


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Aidan Gillen Exposed

Aidan_Gillen_headshot_02 Aidan_Gillen_headshot_01

Name:  Aidan Gillen
Born As:  Aidan Murphy
Birth date/place:  April 24, 1968 in Dublin, Ireland


Aidan Gillen’s breakthrough role was “Stuart Jones” in the television series Queer as Folk.  He has appeared in several TV films including Lorna Doone, First Communion Day, and Freefall.  Big screen films are My Kingdom, Shanghai Knights, Burning the Bed, Spunkbubble and Runners.  He played “Patrick” in the 2009 UK horror film Wake Wood and will star in the drama Treacle Junior to be released in 2010.


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Randy Harrison Exposed

Randy_Harrison_headshot_02 Randy_Harrison_headshot_01

Name:  Randy Harrison
Born As:  Randolph Clarke Harrison
Birth date/place:  November 2, 1977 in Nashua, NH
Trivia:  Got the acting bug when he went to a performance of Peter Pan with his parents.

Randy_Harrison_shirtless_03 Randy_Harrison_sexy_01

Randy Harrison played the character “Sean” in the film Bang Bang You’re Dead starring Tom Cavanagh.  He is best known as “Justin Taylor” on Queer as Folk.  He was with the show from 2000-2005. He can be seen here with actor Gale Harold.


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Jonathan Chase Exposed


Jonathan Chase played “Cash Bagen” on One on One, “Kevin” in Knight Rider, “Will Sonneborn” in Eli Stone and “Brian Hamilton” on CSI: NY.  In 2009, Chase had roles in two films. The first was in All About Steve, starring Sandra Bullock. The second film was Gamer, starring Gerard Butler. Let’s hope that he has more films to come in the near future because he is a hottie to stare at on the big screen!


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