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David Tennant Exposed

David_Tennant_headshot_01 David_Tennant_headshot_02

Name: David Tennant
Born As: David John McDonald
Birth date/place: April 18, 1971 in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scoltand

Naked David Tennant is a stage and screen actor. As a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company he played the role of Hamlet in 2007. His best known film role is Barty Crouch, Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Tennant played The Doctor on the 2005-2010 seasons of Doctor Who and is the voice of The Narrator on the new UK comedy series Twenty Twelve.


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Nude Joshua Jackson

Joshua_Jackson_headshot_01 Joshua_Jackson_headshot_02

Nude Joshua Jackson bares his ass in the film Americano. Jackson is best known for his roles as Pacey Witter in show Dawson’s Creek and as Peter Bishop  in the TV series Fringe. Along with his work on the small screen he has also done over 30 films.


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Brian Letscher Exposed

Brian_Letscher_headshot_02 Brian_Letscher_headshot_01

Name: Brian Letscher

Nude Brian Letscher has appeared in episodes of TV series including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, All My Children, CSI, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NCIS: Los Angeles and The Mentalist. He got nude in the film Slippery Slope.


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Nicholas D’Agosto Exposed

Nicholas_D’Agosto_headshot_01 Nicholas_D’Agosto_headshot_02

Name: Nicholas D’Agosto
Birth date/place: April 17, 1980 in Omaha, NE

Nude Nicholas D’Agosto appeared in episodes of TV series such as Boston Public, ER, Sex Feet Under, Cold Case, House M.D. and The Office. He played West Rosen in the second season of Heroes. D’Agosto plays the starring role in the horror film Final Destination 5 which will be released in August of 2011.


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Nude Matthew Rhys

Matthew_Rhys_headshot_01 Matthew_Rhys_headshot_02

Nude Matthew Rhys shows of a great round ass in the film Titus Andronicus. You should recognize Rhys from the show Brothers & Sisters. After 5 seasons, the show has ended. Hopefully he will find a new show or get going on his movie career. We like his acting.


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Nude Edward Norton

Edward_Norton_headshot_02 Edward_Norton_headshot_01



This Naked picture of Edward Norton in American History X is super hot because you can imagine what the guy bending down is doing to him! Is Norton enjoying it or not?…. Norton has a great ass, leaving me wanting more.

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Sam Rockwell Exposed

Sam_Rockwell_headshot_02 Sam_Rockwell_headshot_01

Name: Sam Rockwell
Birth date/place: November 5, 1968 in Daly City, CA

Nude Sam Rockwell has played leading roles in the films Lawn Dogs, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Choke and Moon. Rockwell played supporting roles in The Green Mile, Iron Man 2, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Frost/Nixon, and Conviction.


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Drew Wicks Exposed


Name: Drew Wicks

Nude Drew Wicks has appeared in episodes of several TV shows including Angel, Scrubs, Mad Men, Dollhouse, The Game, The Event, and, Desperate Housewives. These are great clips of Wicks in the film Kisses and Caroms.


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David Kross Exposed

David_Kross_headshot_02 David_Kross_headshot_01

Name: David Kross
Birth date/place: Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany

David Kross has appeared in the films Help, I’m a Boy, Adam & Eva, Hands off Mississippi, and Same Same But Different. He is best known for his role as Michael Berg in the film The Reader.


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Sean Hoaglund Exposed

Sean_Hoaglund_headshot_01 Sean_Hoaglund_headshot_02

Name: Sean Hoaglund
Birth date/place: April 21, 1983 in Baltimore, MD

Nude Sean Hoaglund has appeared in the films Sinners, Rock Haven, The Girl in the Mirror, and the film shorts The Inconsistencies of Jonathan Finch and The Nature of Fall. You can catch him nude in the film Rock Haven.

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David Faustino Exposed

David_Faustino_headshot_02 David_Faustino_headshot_01

Name: David Faustino
Born As: David Anthony Faustino
Birth date/place: March 3, 1974 in Los Angeles, CA

Nude David Faustino’s best known role was as Bud Bundy on the sitcom Married with Children. The show ran from 1987-1997. Since then, he has appeared in several films and TV series episodes. Currently, Faustino has been seen on the comedy series Clunkers.



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Travis Wester Exposed

Travis_Wester_headshot_02 Travis_Wester_headshot_01

Name: Travis Wester
Birth date: October 8, 1977

Travis Wester began his acting career in 1996 in the TV series Mr. Rhodes. Next came several recurring appearances as Austin Sanders in Beverly Hills, 90210. More recently, Wester played Harry Spangler in the television fantasy drama Supernatural. He played the same role in the comedy horror series Ghostfacers. He is seen here Nude in the film Euro Trip with Scott Mechlowicz and Jacob Pitts.


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