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Omar Epps full frontal naked


Omar Epps full frontal naked

Omar Epps gives a full frontal naked shot of his completely naked body. He is fucking gorgeous from head to ass. Who really cares from there down?! Well, some like feet! But those tight butt cheeks make up for it! Epps is best known for his role as Dr. Eric Forman in the show House, M.D. and he has just moved on to be Martin Bellamy in the new show Resurrection.

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Omar Epps full frontal naked

Jesse Metcalfe in His Speedos and Bulging



Jesse Metcalfe in His Speedos and Bulging

Jesse Metcalfe shows his bare naked ass in the film John Tucker Must Die in the lead role as John Tucker. He

Metcalfe currently plays Luke Watson on the new TV series Chase.

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Julian McMahon Nude in Nip/Tuck


Nude Julian McMahon has a great ass and he shows those sexy cheeks in the show Nip/Tuck. The show is filled with nudity and I love capturing great shots of all the males nakedness! You’ve gotta check McMahon out in the new upcoming film Paranoia if you love that face of his. Unfortunately we got to see that ass of his in this film.

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Emile Hirsch Nude



This Full Frontal Nude shot of Emile Hirsch is taken from the film Into the Wild where Hirsch plays the role of Christopher McCandless. Hirsch’s film debut was with Jodie Foster in 2002 in the drama The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. His next film, which is in the beginning stages of production is The Darkest Hour.

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Male Actor Ethan Hawke Nude

 Naked Ethan Hawke has had a very successful career in both film and stage work. He appears Nude in this film, Before The Devil Knows Your Dead. He has a pretty sweet ass. Hawke has been nominated for both a Tony Award and an Academy Award nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category.


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Bruce Willis in Action



I would love to grab that towel so that we could get a better shot of his junk. If you pay close enough attention you will get a nice shot of his dick. From what I can see, it is pretty impressive. Definitely fits the bad guy films he has always done. Willis is in the new film Red 2. Hopefully he gives us what we always expect of him!

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Jordan Gavaris Exposed

Name: Jordan Gavaris
Birth date/place: September 20, 1989 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Jordan Gavaris is the typical Twink that are becoming more and more popular in Hollywood. Yeah for those who like that look! Gavaris hasn’t been acting long so when he landed the role of Felix Dawkins in the new show Orphan Black it was exciting. I haven’t checked the show out but I will definitely do so now that I know such a hottie is in it!
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Tom Felton Exposed

Name: Tom Felton
Born As: Thomas Andrew Felton
Birthdate/place: September 22, 1987 in Kensington, London, England, UK
Claim to Fame: best known for playing the role of Draco Malfoy in the
Harry Potter film series











Bio: Felton’s trade mark is his big sweatshirts. He loves shopping in New York. He loves clothing from the Air Jordan collection.
Felton began acting in commercials when he was eight and in films when he was ten. He was cast as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series from 2001 to 2007. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is due to be released in 2009.


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Jeremy White Exposed

Naked Jeremy White is hot and sexy Twink that has landed the role of Lip Gallagher on the Showtime series Shameless. White started acting in 2006 and has small parts here and there so he scored when he got this new role. We are looking forward to seeing him in som films in the near future – showing some of that skin we are hoping!
jeremy allen white nude shameless
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Steve John Shepherd Exposed

Naked Steve John Shepherd became well known in 1996 in the role of Jo on the BBC drama This Life. His film credits include roles in Star Wars: Episode II –Attack of the Clones, Layer Cake starring Daniel Craig, and From Hell which starred Johnny Depp. Shepherd is currently part of the cast of the long-running British sitcom EastEnders.Steve_John_Shepherd_Greenich_Mean_Time_03
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Joey Ansah Exposed

Nude Joey Ansah’s breakthrough role was in the UK indie film Love Struck. He then appeared in episodes of BBC series productions of Spooks and Timewatch. His most high-profile role to date was Desh Bouksani in The Bourne Ultimatum. As a fan of the video game series Street Fighter, Ansah choreographed, co-wrote and directed the fan film short Street Fighter: Legacy.
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Stephane Rideau Exposed

Naked French actor Stephane Rideau’s debuted, at the age of 16, in the film Wild Reeds.  Since then, he has appeared in several films including Come Undone, Loin, Le Ventre je Juliette, Le Clan, and Le Cadeau d’Elena.
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Sean Patrick Flanery Exposed



Naked Sean Patrick Flannery played the role of Vice President Greg Stillson in Stephen King’s Dead Zone from 2002 until the show ended in 2007.  He played Indiana Jones in The Indiana Jones Chronicles in several videos and Connor MacManus in both The Boondock Saint.  His next movie will be Mission Park with an unknown release date.


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Nick Stabile Exposed

Naked Nick Stabile’s best known film role was Jesse in the 1998 comedy/horror movie Chucky. The character of Jesse was Katherine Heigl’s on-screen boyfriend in the film. He played Mark Wolper on the soap Sunset Beach, Nick Tyrell on Half & Half, Fox Crane on Passions, Gabe Capshaw on Saints & Sinners, and Dean Hartman on Days of Our Lives. Stabile played the role of Dennis Wilson in the TV movie The Beach Boys: An American Family.

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