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What An Ass on Adam Sandler



I would have never guessed that Adam Sandler had such a great ass. I have spent most of my time laughing at his very funny movies. Now, while I’m laughing, I have a great picture of him nude! Sandler is in the new film Grown Ups 2. He is playing with Chris Rock so I am pretty sure it will be hilarious!

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Nathaniel Dean Exposed

Naked Nathaniel Dean is an Australian actor who has appeared in several TV series episodes such as Home and Away, Always Greener, Farscape, The Peacekeeper Wars, All Saints, Rush and Satisfaction. He won Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the AFI awards for his role in the 2004 film Walking on Water.
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Sam Worthington Exposed

Naked Sam Worthington played Howard Light in Love My Way and Dr. Sam Dash in The Surgeon. Both were Australian TV series’. His big break came when he co-starred along with Christian Bale in the 2009 Sci-Fi film Terminator Salvation. His performance led to his starring roles in Avatar and Clash of the Titans. Worthington and Elizabeth Banks have the lead roles in Man on a Ledge which will be released January 27, 2012.Sam_Worthington_Somersault_01
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Ralph Fiennes Exposes Himself

Naked Ralph Fiennes began his career in theater productions. He is probably best known as Lord Vodemort in the Harry Potter series. Some other films he is recognized in, include: Schindler’s List as Amon Goeth, The English Patient as Count Laszlo de Almsay and The Reader as Michael Berg. Watch for Fiennes as Caius Martius Coriolanus in the new film Coriolanuswhich premieres January 20, 2012.  Fiennes also just completed the role of Hades in the fantasy film Wrath of the Titans which will be released in March.

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More Gerard Butler Exposed

After Naked Gerard Butler began his acting career in the film Mrs. Brown (1997) he has never looked back. He has worked both in film and on TV. You may recognize him from The Phantom of the Opera, 300, RocknRolla and How to Train Your Dragon. Butler will be playing Tullus Aufidius in the new film Coriolanus, which coming out January 20, 2012. He will also be in the films Playing the Field in March and Movie 43 in April of this year.
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More Cuba Gooding, Jr. Exposed

Naked Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s was first noticed by his audience in the film Jerry McGuire as Rod Tidwell. He has become a great actor during his career. Some older and newer movies to check out include: Men of Honor, What Dreams May Come and As Good As it Gets. He is in the new film Red Tails, coming out January 20, 2012. He is also going to be in One in the Chamber later this year.
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More Emile Hirsch Exposed

Although Nude Emile Hirsch started acting earlier that the film The Girl Next Door as Matthew Kidman, this film really helped his career take off. He has done other good movies including: The Air I Breath, Into the Wild, Speed Chaser and Milk. Hirsch is in the new film The Darkest Hour, premiering December 25, 2011.
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