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Omar Epps full frontal naked


Omar Epps full frontal naked

Omar Epps gives a full frontal naked shot of his completely naked body. He is fucking gorgeous from head to ass. Who really cares from there down?! Well, some like feet! But those tight butt cheeks make up for it! Epps is best known for his role as Dr. Eric Forman in the show House, M.D. and he has just moved on to be Martin Bellamy in the new show Resurrection.

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Michael Jai White Exposed

Michael Jai White’s first major role was as “Mike Tyson: in the HBO film Tyson.  His big screen debut appearance was in The Toxic Avenger Part II.  White’s performance in Spawn gained him a Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination for Best Male Newcomer.  Other movie roles include:  Universal Soldier:  The Return, and Exit Wounds.  White appeared in The Dark Knight as mob boss “Gambol”.  He will play the lead role of “Isaiah Bone” in Blood and Bone to be released sometime in 2009.


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Taylor Kitsch Exposed


Taylor Kitsch began his acting career with an appearance on one episode of a Canadian sitcom called Godiva’s. In 2006 he landed the role of “Tim Riggins” on Friday Night Lights which won the Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding New Program.  Kitsch appears in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins:  Wolverine as “Remy LeBeau/Gambit”.  He will star as “Kevin Carter” in The Bang-Bang- Club, a movie documenting the final bloody days of the South African apartheid.  The film will be released in 2010.


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Steve Zahn Exposed


Nude Steve Zahn’s early career was divided between film, theater and TV. He had a role in a touring theater production of Bye Bye Birdie, and as Phoebe Buffay’s husband in an episode of the television series Friends.  In the mid-1990’s Zahn appeared in several films, one of them That Thing You Do! starring Tom Hanks.  Another was the film Saving Silverman. His acting ability gained him a good deal of respect, and, in 1999 he was given the starring role Happy, in Texas, a critically-acclaimed independent film.
Zahn has done the voice of several characters in animated movies such as Stuart Little, Chicken Little and 2008’s Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs & a Baby. 2009 saw him as “Cliff” in the horror film A Perfect Getaway.


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Stephen Moyer Exposed


Nude Stephen Moyer began acting in local theatre in Brentwoon and Chelmford, Essex where  he formed his own theatre company, The Reject Society.  After training with LAMDA he began his professional stage career in England. He eventually turned to television and made guest appearances on British TV series.
In 2007 Moyer appeared in the short lived television comedy show The Starter Wife in the role of “Sam”.   In 2008 he landed the role of “Bill Compton” in the popular HBO drama/horror series True Blood.  Far from being the traditional concept of a vampire easily recognized by the black cape and long blood dripping fangs, “Bill Compton” is one sexy looking blood sucker.


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Victor Webster Exposed


Victor Webster’s first acting role was as “Roger” on Sunset Beach in 1998.  His most memorable role was “Brennan Mulwray” on Mutant X from 2001-2004.  Webster has been cast as “Caleb Brewer” a gay publicist on Melrose Place.

Victor_Webster_nude_01 Victor_Webster_nude_02

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