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Jim Caviezel Shirtless in His Underwear

Jim Caviezel Shirtless in His Underwear

Jim Caviezel Shirtless in His Underwear

Jim Caviezel Shirtless in His Underwear

Jim Caviezel shows off his super sexy legs in the first GIF and his great bare chest in the second from the film Angel Eyes with Jennifer Lopez.

Caviezel has expressed that he isn’t one for showing skin on camera so I was really happy to see that he showed off so much of his in this film.  Maybe he will get a taste for it and strip down to the nude!

Jim currently plays sexy John Reese in the show Person of Interest and we are getting a nice long look at him on the big screen in his new film When the Game Stands Tall as Coach Bob Ladouceur.

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Patrick Warburton Naked

Patrick Warburton’s swinging dick is totally awesome. Very seldom do main stream films show such shots so this is a treat. A treat! He appears in the TV series The Venture Brothers on a regular basis. He is also in several upcoming films. We will keep you posted!

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Celebrate the Men of Hawaii 5-0’s Return

Watching Hawaii 5-0  weekly is fun because it is kind of a goofy crime show. Always ending in the same way. Good beating evil. At the same time we get to see hot guys all over the place!


Alex O’Loughlin keeps himself in top shape by constant exercise. He has a super hairy chest and his tattoos are super sexy also!  He plays Steve McGarrett on the show.

scott caan nude varsity bluesscott caan nude varsity blues

Scott Caan has one hell of an ass. It is tight and compact and so holdable! Caan plays Danny ‘Danno’ Williams. Book ‘m Danno!


Daniel Dae Kim is one of the hottest Asian Actors on TV. He has a great body that he doesn’t show off a lot.  He is playing the role of Chin Ho Kelly.

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Patrick Wilson Awesome Sex Sceen


patrick wilson shirtless a gifted man

Patrick Wilson in this sex scene is mind blowing! I wish I was under him feeling what he has to offer. I’ll bet it is absolute perfection! Wilson is in the new film The Conjuring. Unfortunately there is no nudity but hey we can always picture is great body and great moves while watching him up on the big screen.


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Charlie Hunnam’s Great Male Sex Scene

Charlie Hunnam is so convincing in this male sex scene with Aiden Gillen on the show Queer as Folk that I am getting wet between my legs.  You can catch Hunnam playing Jackson “Jax” Teller on the show Sons of Anarchy. He is also in the new movie Pacific Rim. Hopefully it is a good flick and he gets a lot of screen time!

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Alejo Sauras Exposed



What a tease these pictures are. They are so close to giving us a full frontal nude shot of Alejo Sauras. After getting small roles in TV series his breakthrough performance was in the series Al salir de clase. Later roles were in Y decrite una estupidez, por ejemplo, te quire, and Dario de una becaria. His latest role was as Jesus Prado in the series 14 de abrill. La República.Alejo_Sauras_Bienenida_a_Casa_02
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