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Austin Nichols Shirtless on Ray Donovan


Austin Nichols makes a shirtless guest appearance on Ray Donovan that makes me rethink watching the show. If they are going to get their guys shirtless it might be worth trudging through the show!  Nichols is best known for his role as Julian Baker on the show One Tree Hill. Watch for him in a very small part, yet he will be there, in the upcoming film Parkland.

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Ingo Rademacher Exposed

If this how all the Austrialian actors look, sign me upt. Ingo Rademacher is fine, oh so fine! Rademacher’s first acting role in 1993 as Sean Hayden in the Australian soap opera Paradise Beach. He then played David O’Connor in the short lived US series Titans and made guest appearances on According to Jim and Hawaii Five-0. Rademacher is now playing Jasper Jacks on the soap opera General HospitalIngo_Rademacher_shirtless_16
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Tony Jaa Exposed

Now that is what I call a fantastic cock! Tony Jaa sure loves to show it off! He spends most of his time practicing his martial arts. He began learning his practice as a young boy watching other stunt men such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li. Jaa became known as a leading man in the 2003 film Ong-bak. He has since done 2 sequels to the film.

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Steve Bacic Exposed

Steve Bacic’s foreign looks is a total turn on with that tall dark handsome look. Bacic has played everying from comic sidekicks to scary villains. Lucky for us he is in the upcoming film A Haunting at Silver Falls. I will definitely check it out immediately. If there are any good pics of him I will get them to you immediately!

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Andersen Gabrych Exposed

Andersen Gabrych is an American writer and actor. He has appeared in films such as Edge of Seventeen, Hit and Runway, Gypsy 83 and Another Gay Sequel. His writing includes articles for LA Confidential Magazine and Fogtown, an original graphic novel published by Vertigo Comics in 2010.
Here is an example of how hot Gabrych is as he gets naked in the film Edge of Seventeen.
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Josh Radnor Exposed

Shirtless Josh Radnor has the perfect amount of hair on his chest. Enough for us hairy chest lovers not too much for those who like bareness. Radnor currently plays Ted Mosby in the show How I Met Your Mother so if you don’t tune in to the show, but like what you see, move it up to your watch list! Radnor is going to be in the new film Liberal Arts, coming out October 5, 2012.
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