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The Men On Scandal are Back and Hot As Ever


Check out the six pack on Columbus . When he shows off his shirtless body it is anybody’s dream come true. He is one of my favorite black male actors.  Short currently plays Harrison Wright.


Guillermo Díaz plays Huck who does the things that no one else wants to know about. He is an ex-government agent who did lots of questionable things. He is now on the side of the good guys. Díaz’s character is Huck.

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Lucas Till Exposed


Lucas Till has that sweet boy face which makes me hope he is a bad boy behind closed doors! That look of innocence can kill a person! Up to this point Till’s roles in films and TV have been pretty small. Well, I am glad to say that he is moving up in the world of acting.  Earlier this year he starred in the Australian film Wet & Reckless. He has moved on to a co-starring role in the new film Random. I will definitely check it out even though there are no shirtless or naked scenes. Bummer.


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Jake Johnson Exposed

Name: Jake Johnson
Birth date: May 28, 1978
jake m. johnson shirtless new girl

Jake Johnson, with his sprout of hair is totally sexy. Johnson started his career by bouncing around from TV show to show. He finally worked his way to the role of Nick Miller on the show New Girl. He is a cutie and I hope that he goes far in his careerjake m. johnson shirtless new girl
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Ty Burrell Exposed

Ty_Burrell_headshot_02Ty Burrell
Name: Ty Burrell
Born as: Tyler Gerald Burrell
Birth place/date: August 22, 1967 in Grants Pass, OR
Ty Burrell almost qualifies as a Twink but a little to much hair!  Burrell plays Phil Dunphy on the TV comedy series Modern Family. His performance won him the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Prior to appearing on Modern Family, Burrell played Dr. Oliver Barnes on Out of Practice, Gary Crezyzewski on Back to You, and the voice of Captain Marvel in the animated Super Hero Squad Show. Among his film credits are Steve in Dawn of the Dead, Emile in The Darwin Awards, and Leonard in 2008 remake of The Incredible Hulk.Ty_Burrell_shirtless_08
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Stephen Lang Exposed





Name: Stephen Lang
Birth date/place: July 11, 1952 in New York City, NY

For an old guy Stephen Lang has one killer body. Based on this picture we can tell why! Stage and screen actor Stephen Lang was co-artist director of the famous Actor’s Studio from 2004-2006. On stage he played Happy Loman in the 1984 revival of Death of a Salesman and was nominated for a Tony Award for his role in The Speed of Darkness. His film roles Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett in Gettysburg , Thomas Jackson in Gods and Generals, and Ike Clanton in Tombstone were among his best known until he portrayed Colonel Miles Quaritch in the 2009 Oscar winning film Avatar. Watch for him to be in the new TV mini-series Appomattox later this year.

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Jeffrey Pierce Exposed

Jeffrey PierceJeffrey_Pierce_headshot_02
Name: Jeffrey Pierce
Birth date/place: December 13, 1971 in Denver, CO
Jeffrey Pierce has a  nice body and that tattoo is super sexy, Pierce became known when he played Mason Night in For the People. He then played the lead role in Charlie Jade. Pierce just joined the cast of Alcatraz this year as Jack Sylvane. If you watch the show you got lucky when he took his shirt off in a great scene. Jeffrey_Pierce_shirtless_02
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Christopher Wiehl Exposed

Name: Christopher Wiehl
Birth date/place: October 29, 1970 in Yakima, WA
Christopher Wiehl has spent his career on the small screen and we just haven’t gotten enough with this Shirtless hottie! We want more! Wiehl has made many guest appearances on shows and TV movies but nothing on the big screen. He is currently playing a small role on the show Switched at Birth. Christopher_Wiehl_shirtless_03
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Michael Rady Exposed

Nude Michael Rady made his acting debut in the 2005 film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  He has guest starred on TV series’ such a Sleeper Cell, ER, Greek, Castle, and Happy Endings.  He recently completed a film titled Random Encounters which has not yet been released.Michael_Rady_shirtless_15
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Merlin Santana Exposed

Shirtless Merlin Santana made his acting debut in 1991 in two episodes of the comedy/family series Major Dad, which starred Gerald McRaney.  He has had recurring roles on The Cosby Show, Getting By, Under One Roof, Street Gear, and The Steve Harvey Show.

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Chris Messina Exposed

Shirtless Chris Messina has nipples and hair on his chest that can really getcha goin. Being in bed with his arms spread wide helps the thoughts. What kind of package is that thin layer of material? Messina has been in many shows and films, with more coming up, including The Trouble with Bliss, premiering March 23, 2012.Chris_Messina_shirtless_05
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Stephane Rideau Exposed

Naked French actor Stephane Rideau’s debuted, at the age of 16, in the film Wild Reeds.  Since then, he has appeared in several films including Come Undone, Loin, Le Ventre je Juliette, Le Clan, and Le Cadeau d’Elena.
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David Alan Basche Exposed

Shirtless David Alan Basche’s first TV appearance was in an episode of the soap opera As the World Turns. He went on the appear in Oh, Grow Up, Three Sisters, Lipstick Jungle, The Starter Wife, The Mentalist and Royal Pains. Basche currently plays Stuart Gardner on The Exes and just completed filming Backwards.David_Alan_Basche_shirtless_12
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