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Will Smith Shirtless GIF

Will_Smith_real_GIF_01dWill Smith moving right in front of me in this GIF leaves me wanting more.  Is he getting up to take off his undies? The scene is from I Am Legend which was one of his hottest films. He’s definitely a legend in my own mind!

Will is an actor, producer and rapper.  He got his start as William ‘Will’ Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.    Some of the other films he performed the best in (they’re all great) were Men in Black as Jay, Captain Steven Hiller in Independence Day and I, Robot as Del Spooner.

Check Will out in the new film Suicide Squad as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot.  Other hot male celebs are Jai Courtney and Jared Leto.

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Ben Aldridge Shirtless GIF


Ben Aldridge Shirtless GIF

Ben Aldridge has a super hot body and when he is shirtless and wet it makes his cold nipples really stand out. It makes me want to lick them harder and harder.

Ben started acting in 2008 and just landed the role of Captain James on the television series Our Girl. He will also be in the 23 minute short comedy drama Synchronicity.

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Ben Aldridge Shirtless GIF