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Jim Caviezel Shirtless in His Underwear

Jim Caviezel Shirtless in His Underwear

Jim Caviezel Shirtless in His Underwear

Jim Caviezel Shirtless in His Underwear

Jim Caviezel shows off his super sexy legs in the first GIF and his great bare chest in the second from the film Angel Eyes with Jennifer Lopez.

Caviezel has expressed that he isn’t one for showing skin on camera so I was really happy to see that he showed off so much of his in this film.  Maybe he will get a taste for it and strip down to the nude!

Jim currently plays sexy John Reese in the show Person of Interest and we are getting a nice long look at him on the big screen in his new film When the Game Stands Tall as Coach Bob Ladouceur.

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Jonathan Keltz Exposed

Early in his acting career, Nude Jonathan Keltz made appearances in TV series episodes of Queer as Folk, 1-800-Missing, Cold Case, CSI: Miami, The Listener, and Combat Hospital. In 2009 he landed the role of Jake Steinberg in the HBO comedy series Entourage. Watch for Keltz in the horror film Playback scheduled for release March 9, 2012.
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Dennis Hopper Exposed

Naked Dennis Hopper’s acting career lasted more than five decades, until his death in 2010 at age 74.  His first role in a major film was as Goon in Rebel Without a Cause.  He may be best known for directing, and starring in the 1969 film Easy Rider.  The film became a breakthrough for long-time actor Jack Nicholson.  Hopper and co-star Peter Fonda also wrote the script which was nominated for an Academy Award.  Hopper appeared in dozens of films.  Among the most well known are: Rumble Fish, Apocalypse Now, Black Widow, The Pick-up Artist, Paris Trout, The Indian Runner, Speed, and the now wildly acclaimed, Blue Velvet.

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Diego Luna Exposed

Mexican actor Naked Diego Luna has had starring in several Mexican made films such as The Comet, A Sweet Scent of Death, and, Y Tu Mama Tambien.  He played Alejandro Alex in the 2002 American film Frida, Enrique Cruz in The Terminal, which starred Tom Hanks, and the role of Michael Jackson in the 2007 comedy/drama Mister Lonely.Luna is in the new film Contraband, premiering January 13, 2012.
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Matthew Montgomery Exposed

Naked Matthew Montgomery’s debut film was Gone, But Not Forgotten. Since then he has dedicated his career to the independent gay cinema in film such as Long-Term Relationship, Back Soon, and Pornography: A Thriller. Montogemry is currently playing the role of Pete on the TV series Girl Parts.
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Woody Harrelson Exposed

Naked Woody Harrelson
is best known for his role as Woody Boyd on the TV show Cheers where he said from 1985-93. It is where he first became known to his audience. Harrelson did do acting in New York theatre before he moved to TV and film work. Some of the films you may recognize included: Wildcats, Natural Born Killers and No Country for Old Men. He will be playing Dave Brown in the film Rampart, premiering January 27, 2012.
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