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Shirtless Tom Weston-Jones in the New Show Cooper

Shirtless Tom Weston-Jones has the kind of face that you don’t know if you should say boyish or bronzish! Although born in England, Jones was raised in Dubai. He attended the University of London and earned a degree in drama and theater. In 2011 he played Sasha Gavrik in the British series MI-5. Weston-Jones currently has the lead role in the US drama series Cooper and is also part of the cast of a mini-series titled World Without End.
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Aaron Tveit Exposed



Aaron Tveit in Graceland Episode 1.08

Ok, I love Sexy Aaron Tveit’s awesome ass, his male sex scene and his sweet, sweet bulge. His next move is to take it all off for us!  I don’t think Tveit is shy about is extraordinary body, I just think he hasn’t had the chance to show us what he has!  Tveit is currently playing Mike Warren on the TV show Graceland.

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David Labrava Exposed


David Labrava is one fine piece of ass. The tattoos make him look totally bad! Labrava had never done any acting and got cast in the show Sons of Anarchy as Happy. The show is successful so hopefully Labrava will continue his acting career on a positive note.David_Labrava_shirtless_02

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Michael Mando Exposed

Talking about smokin’ hot! Michael Mando is pure perfection. Next, I will scour the net and find him nude! I promise! I must admit that I don’t know much about Mando but now that I have seen him I like what I see for sure! It seems there are a ton of hot male actors on the new show Orphan Black. I am going to check it out and hope it is on my weekly choice of shows. He is going to be in the movie Make Your Move in mid July, 2013.Michael_Mando_shirtless_03
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Jackson Hurst Exposed

Jackson Hurst has the perfect chest to hold on to. Not to muscular not to flat. Just right! Hurst did a lot of videos and TV appearances at the beginning of his career. He then landed the role of Grayson Kent in the show Drop Dead Diva. I have never watched it but it has been on for several seasons so it has to be popular! Maybe I will check it out to see how sexy Hurst is in action!Jackson_Hurst_shirtless_07
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Wally Kurth Exposed


Wally Kurth has an incredible body especially for his age. I love men that keep themselves in shape! Kurth is best known for his roles in soap opera. He played Sam Hutchins on As the World Turns, Ned Ashton on General Hospital, and Justin Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives. He also does the voice of Agent Six/Captain Callan on the animated children’s TV series Generator Rex. In addition to his acting career, Kurth has his own band called Kurth and Taylor. The band released their fourth album, The EP, in August of 2004.

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