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Colin Farrell Looking Great Clothed and Unclothed!

Colin Farrell has a fantastic ass that we have seen all over the big screen and this is just another peak for our eyes. Farrell has kept his body in incredible shape as he shows it off hanging out at the beach. If you have a foot fetish, this one ought to be killin’ ya!

Check Farrell out in the film Saving Mr. Banks.


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Criminal Minds Returns With Male Actors Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson

Shemar Moore is one of the hottest black male actors I have ever seen on TV. Movies are included. If you love him as much as I do check him out on the show Criminal Minds.


Shemar Moore looks like a sculpture in this beautiful pose. He screams sex from head to toe. I would say he has one of the nicest bodies I have ever seen! He is one of my favorite black actors on TV today. Moore’s character is Derek Morgan.


Thomas Gibson is really hot and incredibly sexy. He has a way about him that exudes sexiness. His fantastic ass doesn’t hurt either!

Gibson plays Aaron Hotchner.

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