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Richard Madden Exposed


Richard Madden Exposed

Richard Madden in action! Wow what an ass! Madden is a Scottish stage and film actor. He is best known for his role as Rob Starck in the HBO series Game of Thrones. There is tons of nudity in the show so it is worth checking out!

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Patrick Warburton Naked

Patrick Warburton’s swinging dick is totally awesome. Very seldom do main stream films show such shots so this is a treat. A treat! He appears in the TV series The Venture Brothers on a regular basis. He is also in several upcoming films. We will keep you posted!

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Ed Speleers Getting a Blowjob


Ed Speleers getting a blow job right out in the open. Then him running away – from whom? Speleer has a beautiful male actor ass. He definitely fits it the category of a twink male celebrity.  Speleer currently plays Jimmy Kent in the TV show Downton Abbey.

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Shirtless Twink Sebastian de Souza



Sebastian de Souza  is a real cutie. I love his face and his lightly hairy chest. Souza has just begun his acting career and is doing really well. He played Matt Levan in Skins for two seasons. He now has a small role as Alfonso of Aragon  in the show The Borgias.

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Two and a Half Men Returns With Hot and Spicy Men

Check out Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer in these super sexy GIFs. Two and a Half Men is back for another round of entertaining us.


Seeing Ashton Kutcher wet could definitely cause me a  super fantastic wet dream. Kutcher is one of the hot Hollywood male actors that never minds getting shirtless nor nude. Kutcher plays Walden Schmidt on the show.


Jon Cryer seems to not know where/how he started snuggling with Ashton Kutcher. It is definitely something that I would like to see more of. Kutcher seems to be oblivious of it at this point. Wait until he realizes he is putting his hand as Cryer is getting up. Where is his hand going?!  Cryer plays Alan Harper on the show.

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The Gorgeous Men of Strike Back Return

If you are looking for some action and a little drama, check out the show Strike Back. It is a British show so be ready for the really sexy accent!


Philip Winchester has pecs of steel. He must spend hours in the gym perfecting his body. Winchester plays Sgt. Michael Stonebridge.

Sullivan_Stapleton_Satisfaction_GIF_01bsullivan stapleton nude strike back

Sullivan Stapleton has one of those perky grabbable asses that I love. The lady in the scene seems to be impressed with his package in front. I will look for a scene that he turns around for us! Stapleton plays Sgt. Damien Scott in the show.

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