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Dylan Jordan Exposed

Nude Dylan Jordan began his acting career in 2004 on the TV series Black Tie Nights. He appeared in two episodes of Dante’s Cove and in the videos Primal Man: Fitness Model, Sideline Secrets, and Club Jenna’s Casting Couch 4.Dylan_Jordan_Pricilla_the_Pole_Dancer_06
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Matt Winston Exposed


Naked Matt Winston played Adam Lewis in the 1997 drama series Fame L.A., Jeremy Brenner in Arli$$, Termpral Agent Daniels in Star Trek: Enterprise, Barry Cunningham in John from Cincinnati, and Dr. Jeffrey Steadman in Scrubs. Winston will appear in the film A Thousand Word, starring Eddie Murphy. The film will be released March 9, 2012.
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Sean Patrick Flanery Exposed



Naked Sean Patrick Flannery played the role of Vice President Greg Stillson in Stephen King’s Dead Zone from 2002 until the show ended in 2007.  He played Indiana Jones in The Indiana Jones Chronicles in several videos and Connor MacManus in both The Boondock Saint.  His next movie will be Mission Park with an unknown release date.


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Ralph Fiennes Exposes Himself

Naked Ralph Fiennes began his career in theater productions. He is probably best known as Lord Vodemort in the Harry Potter series. Some other films he is recognized in, include: Schindler’s List as Amon Goeth, The English Patient as Count Laszlo de Almsay and The Reader as Michael Berg. Watch for Fiennes as Caius Martius Coriolanus in the new film Coriolanuswhich premieres January 20, 2012.  Fiennes also just completed the role of Hades in the fantasy film Wrath of the Titans which will be released in March.

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More Terrence Howard Exposed

Nude Terrence Howard is a singer as well as an actor. He began his singer career with the album Shine Through It which was released in September 2008. He shares that it was inspired by soul singers such as Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield.
Howard has had many successful films such as Hustle and Flow, The Brave One, Crash and Iron Man. Watch for him as Col. A.J. Bullard in the new film Red Tails as Col. A.J. Bullard coming out January 20, 2012. He is also in the upcoming films On the Road and The Company You Keep.
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More Ewan McGregor Exposed

Nude Ewan McGregor hasn’t just done film work, he is also known for his his work on the stage. Some of his theater work includes: Guys and Dolls from 2005-2007 and Othello from 2007-08. He was ranked No. 36 on Empire magazine’s “The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time” list in 1997. McGregor is in the new film Haywire, being released January 20, 2012. He will also be in Jack the Giant Killer and The Impossible; both being released in 2012.

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