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Nude Mickey Rourke


This is a great shot of all parts of Mickey Rourke we get an ass shot, a Full Frontal Nude Shot and a shot of his balls from behind. The clip is taken from the film The Wrestler. I wouldn’t mind warming up in the snow with Rourke in this scene!

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Alexander Beyer Exposed


Among the many films Alexander Beyer has appeared in are The Legend of Rita, Gregor’s Greatest Invention, and Good Bye Lenin. Beyer recently completed the German films Transit and Die Wanderhure.


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James McAvoy Nude


James McAvoy gives us a Full Frontal Nude shot in the film The Last King of Scotland. McAvoy has done other nude scenes but this was his first full on frontal shot!

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Stephen Dorff Exposed


Trivia: Was considered for the part of Jack in Titanic
Stephen Dorff began his career appearing in minor roles in TV shows such as Different Strokes, Roseanne, and Married With Children. His first major film role was as “Deacon Frost” in the horrow film Blade. His breakthrough role was “Stuart Sutcliff” in the film Backbeat. Other films include the Oliver Stone film World Trade Center starring Nicolas Cage, Shadowboxer with Cuba Gooding, Jr, and Cold Creek Manor which starred Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone. More recent films were Public Enemies and Somewhere.


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James Remar Exposed


Trivia: He decided to become an actor when he was seven after seeing the film Spartacus
Nude James Remar’s most notable roles were “Dutch Shultz” in The Cotton Club, as “Albert Ganz” homicidal sociopathic escaped prisoner in 48 Hrs. and the tough cop “Gentry” in Drugstore Cowboy. More recently, Remar made recurring appearances as “Harry” Morgan” the dead father of “Dexter Morgan” in the Showtime series Dexter.

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