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Patrick Warburton Naked

Patrick Warburton’s swinging dick is totally awesome. Very seldom do main stream films show such shots so this is a treat. A treat! He appears in the TV series The Venture Brothers on a regular basis. He is also in several upcoming films. We will keep you posted!

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Peter Sarsgaard Naked in The Killing



Peter Sarsgaard shows us a glimpse of what looks to be a great dick. There is also a lot of pub-ige if you like that look! Sarsgaard has done a lot of movies and he just landed a part on the show The Killing. Hopefully he will show us more of what he’s got on the show!


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Bruce Willis in Action



I would love to grab that towel so that we could get a better shot of his junk. If you pay close enough attention you will get a nice shot of his dick. From what I can see, it is pretty impressive. Definitely fits the bad guy films he has always done. Willis is in the new film Red 2. Hopefully he gives us what we always expect of him!

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Craig Kelly Exposed

Name: Craig Kelly
Birth date/place: October 31, 1970 in Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, England
Craig Kelly shows off a pretty sweet dick and lots of pube. Early in his career, Kelly appeared in single episodes of the TV series’ Screen One, The Good Guys, and A Touch of Frost. From 1993-1996 he played Daniel Perryman in the UK series Casualty. In 1999 he co-starred as Vince Tyler in the series Queer as Folk, and the following year, in the TV movie Queer as Folk 2. His most recent role was as Luke Strong in the drama series Coronation Street.

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Paul Hopkins Exposed

Paul Hopkins headshot 02Paul Hopkins headshot 01
Name: Paul Hopkins
Birth date/place: July 12, 1968 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I love male on male sex scenes. This one is totally hot because we get Paul Hopkins to flash a full frontal cock shot. Hopkins is best known as Michael ‘Mouse’ Tolliver in the 1998 Canadian mini-series More Tales of the City and the 2001 follow-up Further Tales of the City. He is also known for his role as Karl Todman in the series Vampire High. Paul_Hopkins_Further_Tales_of_the_City_02
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Matthew Leitch Exposed

Name: Matthew Leitch
Birth date/place: March 19, 1975 in London, England
Matthew Leitch has an incredible set of balls that really turns me on. He is so confident with showing them off! Leitch played the recurring role of Stewart Jackson on the series Renford Rejects from 1998-2000. He went on to play Sgt. Floyd “Tab’ Talbert in the 2001 HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. Recently, Leitch has appeared on the UK action/thriller series Strike Back.Matthew_Leitch_Sabor_Tropical_02
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Ryan McIntyre Exposed

Name: Ryan McIntyre
Birth date/place: 1986 in Kenturcky

Ryan McIntyre has spent his career doing videos and a few TV show appearances during his career. He sure made an impression on me with these full frontal naked images from the show Shameless. Maybe, if the audience yells load enough, they will keep bringing him back! Ryan_McIntyre_Shameless_06
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John Simms Exposed

Name: John Simms
Birth date/place: July 10, 1970 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England
John Simms has had roles in episodes of several British TV series such as Oasis, Men of the World, The Locksmith, State of Play, and The Devil’s Whore. His best known roles are Sam Tyler of Life on Mars and The Master in the 2007 revival of Doctor Who. Simm currently stars in the British drama/thriller series Mad Dogs.
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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Exposed

Name: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Birth date/place: July 27, 1970
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has one hell of a penis even laying flat on his back. Maybe some day we will see more because he doesn’t seem to mind baring his skink on film. You may recognize Waldau as Jaime Lannister in the show Game of Thrones. He doesn’t have a regular part but when he is in an episode I pay special attention!
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Alain Delon Exposed

French actor Alain Delon made his film debut at age 22. By the next year he was being compared to French actors Gerard Philpe and Jean Marais as well as American actor James Dean. While many of his films were made and released in his home country, he did several films in the US.  Among them are Once a Thief, Lost Command, Texas Across the River, and The Talented Mr. Ripley. More recent appearances were in the French mini-series Fabio Montale and the French crime/drama series Frank Riva. Delon played the title role in both productions.
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Danny Huston Exposed

Nude Danny Huston has a great body and has in the film Ivansxtc does a full frontal nude scene. shot from the film Ivansxtc which was really his break out film. Huston has got the look we love in Hollywood actors. He is starring and appearing in several upcoming films. Watch for Huston in the upcoming film, Wrath of the Titans, premiering March 30, 2012. Also watch for him in: Boxing Day, Two Jack, Stolen and The Congress. Huston, is also in the new series Magic City.
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Dennis Hopper Exposed

Naked Dennis Hopper’s acting career lasted more than five decades, until his death in 2010 at age 74.  His first role in a major film was as Goon in Rebel Without a Cause.  He may be best known for directing, and starring in the 1969 film Easy Rider.  The film became a breakthrough for long-time actor Jack Nicholson.  Hopper and co-star Peter Fonda also wrote the script which was nominated for an Academy Award.  Hopper appeared in dozens of films.  Among the most well known are: Rumble Fish, Apocalypse Now, Black Widow, The Pick-up Artist, Paris Trout, The Indian Runner, Speed, and the now wildly acclaimed, Blue Velvet.

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