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Mario Casas All Tied Up

Mario Casas has the body that anyone would drool over. I have personally gone and gotten a tissue while looking at these unbelievably hot pictures!  Oh what I could do with him tied up!  Casas currently plays the role of Ulises Garmendia on the show The Boat. He is a really popular Spanish actor with several starring roles.  Even though I don’t speak a word of Spanish, I could stare all I wanted!



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Joel Edgerton Baring His Ass in The Secret Life of Us


New GIFs of our favorite naked male actors is the greatest thing they have given us on the internet. We get to watch sexy asses over and over!  Joel Edgerton shares his fantastic ass in the Australian TV show The Secret Life of Us.  Edgerton played William ‘Will’ McGill in the show from 2001 – 2002. Edgerton gets some pretty good roles in really popular films which keeps me coming back for. Unfortunately for us Americans his next film, Felony, is only showing in Australia and Canada. Maybe Netflix will pick it up!  Until then I am loving his perfect ass!

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Walker Hare Exposed


Walker Hare has one beautiful cock that he should be proud of swinging around on the camera. Male on male sex scenes are so exciting!  Hare hasn’t been acting very long so he scored when he landed the role of Lenny in the show Hunting Season. Hare also recently starred in the film Love Actually. It got mixed reviews but if he is in it, it can’t be all that bad!Walker_Hare_Huntington_Season_GIF_real_01f

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Julian McMahon Nude in Nip/Tuck


Nude Julian McMahon has a great ass and he shows those sexy cheeks in the show Nip/Tuck. The show is filled with nudity and I love capturing great shots of all the males nakedness! You’ve gotta check McMahon out in the new upcoming film Paranoia if you love that face of his. Unfortunately we got to see that ass of his in this film.

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Jamie Campbell-Bower Exposed


Jamie Campbell-Bower has one incredible body! He is long and thin. Looks like a great ass if he would just spin around showing us his all! Campbell-Bower is best known for his role as Cauis in the Twilight series. Watch for him in the new film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

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