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Josh Duhamel to be in Scenic Route


Josh Duhamel has a body that even a sculpture would envy!  Duhamel’s first good role was in the show Las Vegas as Danny Mccoy. He was also a hottie in the daytime series All My Children. He has really made a move in his career. He has finally got a starring role in the new film Scenic Route. Definitely makes it a must on my list!


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James Scott Exposed

I love English actors when they are full on perfect in every way. James Scott fits the bill. It is a shame that his career is mostly in day time soaps. Scott first appeared on US television in 2004 in the soap opera All My Children. He played the role of Ethan Cambias. In 2005, Scott joined the cast of Days of Our Lives as character E. J. DiMera. James_Scott_shirtless_19
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Keith Hamilton Cobb Exposed

I love big beefy black men. Keith Hamilton Cobb fits the bill!  Cobb became known for his role as Tyr Ansazi in the 2000 sci-fi series Andromeda and as Noah Keefer on All My Children from 1994-1996. He also played Damon Porter on the soap opera The Young and the Restless from 2003-2005 and Quincy on the comedy series Noah’s Arc. Cobb’s film credits include Cold Light of Day, Astonished, and Eyes Beyond Seeing.

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Mario Van Peebles Exposed


Naked Mario Van Peebles is an actor who directed and starred in several TV shows and films such as Panther, Ali, New Jack City and an episode of Lost. He played Samuel Woods on the TV soap All My Children, and Agent Randall Harrison on the drama series Damages. Peebles recently directed and acted in the 2011 film We the Party.


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Jordi Vilasuso Exposed


Shirtless Jordi Vilasuso won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Tony Santos on the soap opera Guiding Light. He has appeared on series such as Numb3rs, Fashions House, and CSI: Miami. Vilasuso currently plays Griffin Castillo on the daytime soap All My Children.


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