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Brett Favre Nude

From our friends at Male Celebs Blog

“Just in time for his 41st birthday, Minnesota Viking’s quarterback Brett Favre finds himself in the middle of a salacious scandal! According to the site DeadSpin, Favre has trying to seduce a New York Jets sideline personality, Jenn Sterger with MySpace postings, phone calls, and finally, pictures of his cock. The authenticity of the aforementioned penis hasn’t been confirmed, but so far there haven’t been any denials from Favre himself…. we’re hoping there’s more to come!!”

Brett Favre might not be know for his acting capabilities, but he did play a part in “There’s Something About Mary”, so technically he is an actor.

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Ving Rhames Exposed


An actor of stage, screen, and television, Ving Rhames specializes in playing villains, able to draw on the violence he saw growing up on Harlem’s meanest streets.  His successful career began in 1984 in the Broadway play The Winter Boys. Since then he has appeared in more than 90 film and television productions.  He became well known after playing “Luther Stickell” in all three Mission:  Impossible films.
Ving Rhames was nominated for many awards and won the 1998 Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series of Motion Picture Made for TV for his portrayal of “Don King” in the mini-series Don King:  Only in America.  After receiving the award, Rhames invited fellow nominee, Jack Lemmon, onto the stage and handed Lemmon his award saying, “I feel that being an artist is about giving, and I’d like to give this to you”.  Lemmon was visibly touched and the audience gave him a standing ovation.  Lemmon tried, unsuccessfully, to give the award back to Rhames  and said and said it was “one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever known in my life”.  A duplicate award was later given to Rhames.
Rhames plays “The Prophet” in the 2009 sci-fi film The Surrogates, based on a 2005-2006 comic book series of the same name, starring Bruce Willis.


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Dane Cook Exposed


Dane Cook is a standup comedian and television and film actor.  He has released 5 comedy albums:  Harmful If Swallowed, Retaliation, Vicious Circle, Rough Around The Edges: Live From Madison Square Garden and Isolated Incident. His album, Retaliation, was the highest charted comedy album in 28 years, going double platinum.
Film credits include Mystery Men, Waiting…,  Employee of the Month, Good Luck Chuck, Dan in Real Life, Mr. Brooks, and My Best Friend’s Girl.


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Hayden Christensen Exposed


Hayden Christensen came to public attention in the television series Higher Ground in the role of “Scott Barringer”.  He later appeared in the TV movie  Trapped in a Purple Haze.  George Lucas chose Christensen  over Leonardo DeCaprio and Jonathan Jackson to play the role of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode II and Star Wars Episode III.  His latest film, Takers, will be released in February of 2010.


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