Rupert Everett Exposed

Rupert Everett has one of the finest cocks around. Perfect size and width! He also has a great body to go with it. We have seen Everetts great acgin on both TV and films. His latest film was Hysteria as Edmund St. John-Smythe.

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Tom Noonan Exposed

Shirtless Tom Noonan began his acting career in the Off-Broadway play Buried Child. He then began working in film. Because of his height (6 feet, 7 inches) he was often cast as villains such as Francis Dollarhyde in Manhunter, Ripper in Last Action Hero, Cain in RoboCop 2, and Gary Jackson in The Pledge. He played the role of Detective Victor Huntly in several episodes of the TV series Damages. Noonan is currently playing Reverend Cole in the new Western series Hell on Wheels. Tom_Noonan_shirtless_02
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Noam Jenkins Exposed

Noam Jenkins makes Canada proud as one of the hotter male actors on TV. Jenkins is on the show Rookie Blue and the show finally got him Shirtless. Jenkins is currently working on the film Sworn to Silence. There is no set date of when it is coming out but we will keep you informed!
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Luke Kirby Exposed

Shirtless Luke Kirby is one of our favorite Twink actors. If you love the smallish, boyish look he is your man! Kirby has been in several movies and guest starred on several TV shows as well. His most current film was Take This Waltz.Luke_Kirby_shirtless_23
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Keahu Kahuanui Exposed


Shirtless Keahu Kahuanui has an incredible body that any guy would admire. Kahuanaui began his acting career in 2011 and has already landed a recurring character in the TV show Teen Wolf. He is playing Danny Mahealani in the show. Hopefully they will keep using him because he is totally hot to look at.Keahu Kahuanui shirtless teen wolf

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