Luke Pasqualino Exposed

Name: Luke Pasqualino
Birth date/place: February 19, 1989 in Petersborough, England

Luke Pasqualino is one of my favorite Male Twink Actors. If you like British teen dramas you will recognize Pasqualino from the show Skins. He has also recently made several guest appearances on the show The Borgias. Can they work him in to a regular character? If you watch the show, I will bet so! He is going to be in the new film The Apparition, premiering August 24, 2012.

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Michael B. Silver Exposed

Shirtless Michael B. Silver is my kind of guy: tall, dark and handsome. I am waiting for Silver’s big break but while waiting I can look back at a lot of TV work that he has done. His most prominent role was as in ADA Leo Cohen in the great show NYPD Blue. I will keep you updated as to when he will be on TV or what the next film he will be in!Michael_Silver_shirtless_05
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Terrence Jenkins Exposed



Shirtless Terrence Jenkins, who goes by Terrence J, is a fine specimen of a man. His Twink body is perfection times 2. Jenkins goes by Terrence J. He is best known for the popular musical videonshow 106th and Park. He will be playing a small part in the upcoming film Sparkle.


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Derek Theler Exposed

derek theler shirtless baby daddy
We get the pleasure of seeing Actor/Model Derek Theler. With his face and body he should go places. Theler has mostly done small roles in TV until he recently landed the part of in the new show Baby Daddy. We are hoping the show lasts and that they keep showing Theler Shirtless.derek theler shirtless baby daddy
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Ron Livingston Exposed

Shirtless Ron Livingston has a lightly hairy chest and if you like nipple hair, he is your man! Livingston’s  first film role was in 1992 in Straight Talk which starred Dolly Parton.  His first major film role came in 1996 Swingers. He played opposite Damian Lewis and Scott Grimes in the 2001 HBO mini-series Band of Brothers.  In the 2002-2003 seasons of Sex and the City he played the role of Jack Berger and starred in the 2006 series Standoff.  Livingston’s next major film appearance is in The Odd Life of Timothy Green set of release on August 15, 2012.

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Terrence Jenkins Exposed

Shirtless Terrence Jenkins had roles in the films Stomp the Yard 2: Homeoming (2010), Burlesque (2010), and White T (2011). He will appear in the upcoming film Sparkle which stars Whitney Houston and Mike Epps.  The film will be released on August 17, 2012.

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