Burgess Jenkins Exposed

Shirtless Burgess Jenkins has the classic good looks that any one can find thrilling. Jenkins has kept himself busy playing roles in great films and TV. He won the Boston Film festival for his role in Insignificant Others. He has played roles on TV such as Army Wives, One Tree Hill and Drop Dead Diva. He is in the new show Nashville that is coming out in October, 2012.Burgess_Jenkins_shirtless_01
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Michael Rosenbaum Exposed

Name: Michael Rosenbaum
Birth date/place: July 11, 1972 in Ocean Side, New York


I get all tingly from these pictures of Shirtless Michael Rosenbaum! Rosenbaum has done a ton of TV acting. Although he was in the Justice League in the early 2000s he is best known for his role as Dutch in the show Smallville. He hasn’t done too much acting on the big screen but we are hoping the new film Hit and Run will help speed it up!


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Luke Pasqualino Exposed

Name: Luke Pasqualino
Birth date/place: February 19, 1989 in Petersborough, England

Luke Pasqualino is one of my favorite Male Twink Actors. If you like British teen dramas you will recognize Pasqualino from the show Skins. He has also recently made several guest appearances on the show The Borgias. Can they work him in to a regular character? If you watch the show, I will bet so! He is going to be in the new film The Apparition, premiering August 24, 2012.

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Michael B. Silver Exposed

Shirtless Michael B. Silver is my kind of guy: tall, dark and handsome. I am waiting for Silver’s big break but while waiting I can look back at a lot of TV work that he has done. His most prominent role was as in ADA Leo Cohen in the great show NYPD Blue. I will keep you updated as to when he will be on TV or what the next film he will be in!Michael_Silver_shirtless_05
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