Neal Bledsoe Exposed

We love when we find shirtless male stars together in bed. Although Bledsoe appeared in episodes of several TV series he is best known as the star of the horror film The Ridge, and as Rory in the short comedy film Highrise. He is currently part of the cast of the new series Smash.Neal_Bledsoe_shirtless_07
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Diego Boneta Exposed

Diego Boneta is one of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood. His small line of fur is a total turn. Boneta started his career in Mexico on Codigo Fama” a children’s singing reality series in Mexico. After finishing inside the top 5 on the show, he landed his first television role starring as “Ricardo” on Alegrijes y Rebujos. He moved to American TV in 2010 playing in several episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Boneta is going to be in his first American film, Rock of Ages, premiering July 15, 2012.Diego_Boneta_shirtless_02
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Matthew Lewis Exposed

A twink in underwear. What more could we ask for? Check out that smooth slim body! Matthew Lewis is best known as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films. He is currently co-starring in the British TV series The Syndicate. Matthew_Lewis_shirtless_04
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Billy Crudup Exposed

Shirtless Billy Crudup has a fantastic body to go along with that gorgeous face of his. If you are a theater buff you may have seen Crudup up on stage. He is constantly busy working on one project or another. He is currently in the new film The Watch. We love any chance we get to see him!Billy_Crudup_shirtless_07
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Leonardo Sbaraglia Exposed

Leonardo Sbaraglia has no problem giving us a full frontal nude hot of his awesome cock. He is one of the hottest Spanish actors around., making many Spanish films spanning his career. He is finally moving in to American films with the new film Red Lights.
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Alexander Wraith Exposed

Shirtless Alexander Wraith makes me grow everywhere! Since beginning his career in the mid 2000s Wraith has kept busy doing a couple of films a year. He will currently be playing Sam in the new film Savages. Also watch for him co-starring in the upcoming film Graystone.

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