Jeff Irving Exposed

Name: Jeff Irving
Jeff Irving looks oh so fine in this underwear picture. Irving is so new to the acting scene that he has only had two small roles on TV. However, he just had the role as “cute guy” on Beauty and the Beast and he took his shirt off. Hopefully that is a motivation for other shows or films to pick him up. He really is a “cute guy”! Jeff_Irving_shirtless_05
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Randeep Hooda Exposed

Name: Randeep Hooda
Birth date/place: August 20, 1976 in Daseya, Rohtak District, Haryana, India
Trivia: Randeep Hooda was added to IMDB’s list of the 20 sexiest men in the world.
Randeep Hooda is one of Bollywood’s finest looking actors. Body, face, mind? Hooda’s film debut was in the comedy/romance Monsoon Wedding. It was his Australian accent rather than his acting ability and handsome good looks that won him the part. Even though his performance was excellent he didn’t do another film for four years. The film was ‘D’ and he played the title role of Deshu. Since then he has major roles in several more films. His latest appearance was in the Bollywood film Heroine.Randeep_Hooda_shirtless_24
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Nikesh Patel Exposed

Name: Nikesh Patel
Nikesh Patel is an Indian actor that makes any one grab for a tissue! Well, me, anyway! Patel just started acting and he landed a role in the new series Bedlam. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long and successful career! We want to see more shirtless, or better yet, nude pics! Nikesh_Patel_shirtless_02
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Will Traval Exposed

Name: Will Traval
Birth date/place: 1980 in Victoria, Australia
If you get Australian TV you will probably remember hot, shirtless, and sexy Will Traval from the series All Saints. If you get American TV you get to see him in various TV shows. Mostly recently he made appearances in The Glades, Dexter and most recently The Inbetweeners where he appeared shirtless. Maybe this will skyrocket his career! Will_Traval_shirtless_10
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Evan Peters Exposed

Name: Evan Peters
Birth date/place: January 27, 1987 in St. Louis, MO
evan peters shirtless american horror story
American Horror Story started out its season with a fantastic nude scene of Evan Peters.What a fine, fine ass! Peters jumped right in to his career with many parts on TV. You may also recognize him from the older series Invasion. evan peters nude american horror story

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William Gregory Lee Exposed

Name: William Gregory Lee
Birth date/place: January 24, 1973 in Virginia Beach, Virginia


Nude William Gregory Lee played the role of Ambrosius Vallin in the TV series Dante’s Cove. He currently plays Deputy Nick Mooney in the action series Justified. Check this great ass shot of him and Jensen Atwood in this scene from Dante’s Cove.William_Gregory_Lee_Jensen_Atwood_Dantes_Cove_02
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