Taylor Kinney Naked and Engaged


There isn’t much hotter than naked firemen, but add in that the fireman is Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney and you’ve got enough heat to burn down the house.

taylor-kinney-chicago-fire-1-297x375taylor kinney nude you and i

We’re celebrating Taylor Kinney’s recent engagement to pop singer Lady Gaga with a sizzling pic of Kinney’s naked ass from a Gaga video.


Top 10 Gay Movie Scenes


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, MrMan has put together a selection of the best gay sex scenes to hit the screen. Plus, membership is only $6 through Saturday. Don’t miss out, Join Now!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll get. Don’t be lonely this Valentine’s Day, curl up with MrMan and your favorite male celebrities.


baquet-grande-ecole-f201c9ef_infobox BrokeBack-gyllenhaal-HD-03_infobox cooper-wet-hot-american-summer-9b9901a7_infobox davidson-crying-game-816e2472_infobox franco-broken-tower-904f35f7_infobox Jude_Law-Stephen_Fry-08_infobox mcgregor-velvet-goldmine-69ff87b1_infobox milo-eating-out-drama-camp-5036d1f7_infobox preston-joshua-tree-1951-portrait-of-james-dean-f28bc7c0_infobox wilson-angels-in-america-0e6c8dd9_infobox wilson-angels-in-america-cce9a1c0_infobox

Miles Teller and Skylar Astin Kissing in 21 and Over

Miles_Teller_21_and_Older_GIF_02eMiles Teller Skylar Astin nude 21 & over

Miles Teller and Skylar Astin Kissing in 21 and Over

Miles Teller and Skylar Astin both have fantastic bodies in their own special ways. When their characters kiss there is fire between them. I love the fire!

Miles is co-starring in the upcoming film Insurgent, alongside Theo James and Shailene Woodley.  Following this film he will be starring in several more throughout 2015:  Divergent, Two Night Stand, Get a Job, Bleed for This and The Fantastic Four.  I hope at least a couple of these films will have him show some skin!

Skylar stars in the TV series Ground Floor which is in its third season. He will also be in two films in 2015.  They are Flock of Dudes and Pitch Perfect 2.

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Miles Teller and Skylar Astin Kissing in 21 and Over

Mr Man’s Chisled Chests

Are you an ab-man? MrMan knows abs, and they’ve got high-quality pics and videos all ready to be served up on your monitor. Take a look below at a sample of the eye candy to be found, including Daniel Craig, Eric Dane, Ryan Reynolds, McConaughey, Arnold, Sly Stallone, Brad Pitt and more. Check it out all out HERE.


Garret Dillahunt Naked in Leap Years


Garret Dillahunt Naked in Leap Years

Garret Dillahunt gives a great full frontal nude shot as well as a perfect ass scene.  He has a super nice body.

Garret is keeping busy both on the big and small screen this year (2015).  He is making several guest appearances on the TV series Justified. He is starring in the January 23, 2015 film Against the Sun. Watch for him later in the year starring in the film, Foreigners.

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Garret Dillahunt Naked in Leap Years

Cillian Murphy Naked in 28 Days Later

Cillian Murphy Naked in 28 Days Later

Cillian Murphy has a long lean body that  provides quite a show for his full frontal nude scene in the film 28 Days Later.  Definitely a play/rewind video clip for me!

Cillian started his career as a rock musician. He turned down a record deal and pursued stage and film acting instead. He has been successful in this area also. He is a Golden Globe nominee.

Cillian currently plays the lead role, Thomas Shelby, in the British gangster series, Peaky Blinders.  He is also starring in the March, 2015 film In the Heart of the Sea.  You can’t go wrong with him playing alongside Chris Hemsworth!

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Cillian Murphy Naked in 28 Days Later

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