Jake Lockett’s Perfect 6-pack abs

Have you ever seen a more male celebrity 6 pack abs. Well Jake Lockett is the one that must spend hours in the gym perfectly them. In fact he seems to perfect his male celebrity body up and down. I am willing to bet that his package is just as awesome! So far Lockett’s career hasn’t really taken off but I will keep an eye out for you when he does! Hopefully with naked  male actor pictures.


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Jake Gyllenhaal to be in Enemy

Jake Gyllenhall grinding his body is so hot that I am going to excuse myself to get a tissue!  If he does this on screen can you imagine how he is for real?!  Watch for Gyllenhaal playing Detective Loki in the new film Prisoners. He is playing along side with Hugh Jackman so it is one price for two! He will also be in the film Enemy toward the end of the year!


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Naked Actors Pics and Videos

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