The Gorgeous Men of Strike Back Return

If you are looking for some action and a little drama, check out the show Strike Back. It is a British show so be ready for the really sexy accent!


Philip Winchester has pecs of steel. He must spend hours in the gym perfecting his body. Winchester plays Sgt. Michael Stonebridge.

Sullivan_Stapleton_Satisfaction_GIF_01bsullivan stapleton nude strike back

Sullivan Stapleton has one of those perky grabbable asses that I love. The lady in the scene seems to be impressed with his package in front. I will look for a scene that he turns around for us! Stapleton plays Sgt. Damien Scott in the show.

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Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Elementary stars Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes sleuthing and solving crimes along side Dr. Joan Watson.


Jonny Lee Miller is one hairy male actor. He has just a little going down his chest, still showing his delectable nipples. Miller plays a great Sherlock Holmes!


Aidan Quinn has one sweet, sweet ass. There is a scene somewhere in outer space that has got to show his pants all the way down! I will hunt and search and bring it to you as soon as I find it! Quinn plays the role of Captain Toby Gregson in the show.

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The Crazy Ones Starring Robin Williams

Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors so when I found out that his is starring in the new show The Crazy Ones, I set it up on my DVR immediately.  I saw the first one and I am hoping that it gets better. I will definitely continue giving it a try but in my opinion it didn’t come out with a very strong start.


Robin Williams has a really cute body! Kind of that daddy look. I’m surprised at the bare chest because he has always been known for all of the hair all over his body.  I like it. Williams is playing Simon Roberts in the new show The Crazy Ones.


Now, that is a set of 6-pack abs that any guy would love to love on. Wolk is sizzlin’ hot. Nice upper body, a touch of chest hair. Just a good looking guy that I hope will succeed in the new show. Wolk is joining the cast of the new show as Zach Cropper.


Hamish Linklater has that total boy next door look. Also that cute bare chest with perfect nipples doesn’t hurt his look!  Linklater is best known from the show The New Adventures of Old Christine. He is joining this cast as Andrew.

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The Guys of Grey’s Anatomy Are Back

Grey’s Anatomy  is back and they are bring the sexiest of the sexy male TV actors right along with it. I am hoping for some shirtless scenes of all of them.


From the side you can barely see that Justin Chambers has a tuft of hair on his chest. It also appears that he has rather small nipples. Those can be fun to play with! Chambers plays the hot headed Dr. Alex Karev .


Patrick Dempsey playing Dr. Derek Shephard is known to be the steamy doc of the show. Personally I am thinking he is losing that spot with all of the other hot docs! He is still great to look at – no complaints here!


Kevin McKidd, playing Dr. Owen Hunt is the very serious character in the show. This is a crazy hot scene of him. I would love to take a ride on him.


Jesse Williams takes the cake on the most incredibley black male TV actor. His abs and his unbelievable us does it for me! Williams plays Dr. Jackson Avery.

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Drew Rausch Exposed


Drew Rausch has one hell of an ass. It goes with the rest of his body for sure. One that I wish would come out of the closet rather than go in!  Rausch hasn’t found his niche in the world of acting yet. But never fear!  I know at some point he is going to be recognized and his career will take off from there. Who couldn’t love a bare ass like that?


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GIFs Jim Caviezal from Person of Interest

The show is Person of Interest. captured me when I saw quiet and mysterious Jim Caviezel. He is a turn on on the show and off.


Seeing Jim Caviezel wet is a total turn on. He has a super sexy bare chest with fantastic nipples. I also think Caviezel has one of the nicest looking faces on TV. Caviezel plays John Reese in the show.


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