Dylan McDermott’s Bare Naked Ass

dylan mcdermott nude american horror story

Dylan McDermott has an incredible body from head to toe. His chest has the perfect amount of hair to run your fingers through. McDermott is probably best known for his role as Bobby Donnell in The Practice. He currently plays a small part in the show American Horror Story. McDermott has several films in various stages of production so we will get to see more of him soon. Hopefully some nude scenes!

dylan mcdermott nude american horror story

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Henry Cavill Hot Sex Scene


Wait. Before I make any comments I need to go get some tissue. Henry Cavill can move his ass like no other.  To be under him, hanging on, would be a dream come true!  Cavill played the role Theseus on the show The Tudors from 2007-2010. He then moved on to starring roles in many films.  Some include The Cold Light of Day and Immortals. He also got the starring role as Clark Kent in Man of Steel. He is so a Clark Kent!


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Josh Holloway Naked In Cold Heart


Josh Holloway’s is a fucking delight! If you don’t agree you need your head, or other parts checked out! He has an ass just like I thought it would be. So squeezable! Holloway is best known for his role as Josh “Sawyer” Ford from the TV series Lost. He doesn’t do a whole lot of screen work since Lost but here he stars in the upcoming film Battle of the Year as Jason Blake.

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Let’s Scream for Glee!

I am getting my popcorn and tissue as I sit down and start watching the new season of Glee. This should wet our whistles!


I am going to picture naked Chris Colfer just like this! He seems to be saying to cum and get him! On my way Chris!  Colfer plays the role of Kurt Hummel on the show.


That is a cute pecker for a very cute Kevin McHale. McHale has that boy next door look and I don’t want to ruin that image with some little thing or another!  McHale plays Artie Abrams and I will be bummed when he graduates.


If  Matthew Morrison likes dark and hairy cocks, cum on by! This is a picture I can say good night to!   Morrison’s character is Mr. Schuester on the show.


Is that all you have for us Mark Salling?!  For such a bad boy I would have wanted better equipment!  I’m thinking in real life, Salling is nothing like this – he is hotter than hot! Salling plays Noah “Puck” Puckerman.


Now that’s what I’m talkin bout!!!  Harry Shum, Jr. has definitely caught my attention! He seems to be standing at attention also!  Shum plays Mike Chang on the show.

Now we know how Chord Overstreet likes to play. I’m all in!  Overstreet plays the role of  Sam Evans on the show.


Attennnn-tioooo-n!  Darren Criss has entered! Mmm… just thinking entered and seeing Criss’s steamy hot cock… Criss plays openly gay on and off boyfriend of Kurt, as Blaine Anderson.


Who wouldn’t want to finger fuck Jacob Artist? Well, watching him do it himself is pretty sexy too. Artist plays Jake Puckerman on the show.


Blake Jenner looks like he has a lot of juice for Harry Shum Jr. He wouldn’t have to grip my head like that!  Jenner plays Ryder Lynn on the show.


If he had me he wouldn’t need the fake one going up his arse!  Samuel Larsen, playing Joe Hart, isn’t on the show nearly enough. He kind of floats in and out of the show and I much prefer him in it! Check out those eyes!

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Twink Aaron Paul Shirtless


Twink Aaron Paul Shirtless

The GIF above is just example of this fine Twink Aaron Paul’s acting. He is talking back to the co-star, Brian Cranston in the show Breaking Bad. We are nearing the end and I don’t know what I will do without my weekly fix! Due to his role in the show Paul’s career should shoot straight up. Mmm… I like the sound of that!

Luckily, we only have to wait until February, 2014 to see him starring in the movie A Long Way Down. After that he will be starring in Need for Speed. Seems leaving the program isn’t slowing Paul down.


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Twink Aaron Paul Shirtless

Incredible Hugh Jackman Coming Up in Prisoners


Yeah! We get to see one of my all time favorite hunks, Hugh Jackman, in another film. The new film is Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal. Jackman is definitely best known for his starring roles in the Wolverine film series. Now talk about a hot bod! Bared down to perfect flesh!  This set of GIF’s is from one of his Wolverine films.

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