Chris Colfer Finally Shirtless!

chris colfer shirtless glee

Male Actor Chris Colfer from the TV show Glee has never taken his shirt off for us loyal viewers. Time and again his fellow stars rip their clothes off to reveal bodies of all shapes and sizes. Colfer, revealing the perfect male twink body should be proud!  Colfer plays the gay character of Kurt Hummel on the show.chris colfer shirtless glee

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Jared Leto Lean and Cut


Wow. Jared Leto is incredibly cut in this first picture. You can see every muscle in his  beautiful body. Leto in the GIF bathtub scene is very sexy too. I wish it showed him getting out, totally nude. I will look for that one!

Leto is known for his ability to change the way he looks all of the time. It is crazy. But the one thing that never changes are his unbelievably gorgeous blue eyes!

Leto is in the current film Mr. Nobody as the Adult Nemo/Old Nemo.

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David Ramsey Shirtless and Hot in Arrow

Shirtless David Ramsey must spend hours a day in the gym to get a body as fine as that! His pec are hard, abs bulging 6 pack and arms that could hold me oh so tight! Oh top of that package we get to see Ramsey on the show Arrow. He can shoot inside me any time he would like!


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