Two and a Half Men Returns

Two and a Half Men has gone through many changes during its eleven years on TV. The 1/2 (Jake) growing up and moving away to college, Charlie who dies because Charlie Sheen went off the deep end, being replaced by Ashton Kutcher as Walden. We will see what twists and turns they have for this season!


Former fashion model Ashton Kutcher, has had a fantastic career. Continuing it on the show Two and a Half Men.  Kutcher took Charlie Sheens place as Walden ,Schmidt.


Jon Cryer is so soft and squeezable it is crazy. His little chest hairs could be played with for hours. He is a real cutie. Cryer plays Alan Harper.

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Joel Edgerton Baring His Ass in The Secret Life of Us


New GIFs of our favorite naked male actors is the greatest thing they have given us on the internet. We get to watch sexy asses over and over!  Joel Edgerton shares his fantastic ass in the Australian TV show The Secret Life of Us.  Edgerton played William ‘Will’ McGill in the show from 2001 – 2002. Edgerton gets some pretty good roles in really popular films which keeps me coming back for. Unfortunately for us Americans his next film, Felony, is only showing in Australia and Canada. Maybe Netflix will pick it up!  Until then I am loving his perfect ass!

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Boardwalk Empire Is Ramping Up with Hot Male Actors

If you love hot or even shirtless male actors Boardwalk Empire is a show  for you.

vincent piazza nude boardwalk empire

Vincent Piazza gets caught with his pants down. However, you can still some of his pubes that he is so famous for! His look is not pleased. Probably his ex!  Piazza plays Lucky Luciano in the show.


Now that is a cock. That is a fabulous black male actor cock. It is easy to tell that it belongs to Michael K. Williams. Who else? Williams character is Chalky White.


Michael Pitt’s dick size is still fantastic as he gets out of the tub. Especially if he has experienced any shrinkage! His pubes are nicely shaved.  Pitt plays James “Jimmy” Darmody.


If you like hairy chests, Charlie Cox definitely fits the bill. Get your fingers and lips to run down that exceptional body!   Piazza plays Owen Slater.

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Criminal Minds Returns With Male Actors Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson

Shemar Moore is one of the hottest black male actors I have ever seen on TV. Movies are included. If you love him as much as I do check him out on the show Criminal Minds.


Shemar Moore looks like a sculpture in this beautiful pose. He screams sex from head to toe. I would say he has one of the nicest bodies I have ever seen! He is one of my favorite black actors on TV today. Moore’s character is Derek Morgan.


Thomas Gibson is really hot and incredibly sexy. He has a way about him that exudes sexiness. His fantastic ass doesn’t hurt either!

Gibson plays Aaron Hotchner.

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Celebrate the Men of Hawaii 5-0’s Return

Watching Hawaii 5-0  weekly is fun because it is kind of a goofy crime show. Always ending in the same way. Good beating evil. At the same time we get to see hot guys all over the place!


Alex O’Loughlin keeps himself in top shape by constant exercise. He has a super hairy chest and his tattoos are super sexy also!  He plays Steve McGarrett on the show.

scott caan nude varsity bluesscott caan nude varsity blues

Scott Caan has one hell of an ass. It is tight and compact and so holdable! Caan plays Danny ‘Danno’ Williams. Book ‘m Danno!


Daniel Dae Kim is one of the hottest Asian Actors on TV. He has a great body that he doesn’t show off a lot.  He is playing the role of Chin Ho Kelly.

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Tune in to Chicago Fire as They Take Off On Another Great Season

Hunky, sexy, firemen fill the show Chicago Fire. Enjoy the GIFs of them. I love seeing them moving in the picture. More sexy for sure.Taylor_Kinney_real_GIF_01a

Taylor Kinney has crazy nice pecs and male actor 6-pack abs. His face is just as nice. He is definitely taking his clothes off for me!   Kinney plays Kelly Severide on the show.


This is an older scene of Jesse Spencer and he was totally adorable. He gets even more sexy and hot as he gets older. Spencer plays Matthew Casey on the show.


I would love to grab on to sexy picture Charlie Barnett’s arms and wrap them around me! Get him set on fire! I love Latin Male actors!  Barnett plays Peter Mills on the show.

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