Rick Castle is Back to Give Us More!

Nathan Fillion, playing Rick Castle, on the show Castle is one of the more silly TV shows on. It is a comedic crime drama that is solved every episode. This is mixed with the love interest between Rick Castle and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).


Nathan Fillion plays Rick Castle, a very popular crime writer. He gets to help the NYPD solve crimes and he adds tons of humor to it. He also thrills us with his ideas on how to win Kate Beckett over. She has finally fallen for it!


Jon Huertas plays Javier Esposito and he is another cutie in the show. He is fun to watch making the show even more sexy! I’d take more sexy male  Latin actors any day.

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Dylan Walsh Naked in Nip/Tuck


No one can forget this visually stunning ass belonging to Dylan Walsh. You can tell it is naturally shaped in a perfect way. Walsh really became popular in the role of Dr. Sean McNamara on the show Nip/Tuck. The show was filled with nudity. He has now moved on to play the role of Detective Al Burns in the show Unforgettable.


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Law & Order: SVU Returns with Danny Pino

danny pino shirtless law and order svudanny pino shirtless law and order svu

Danny Pino has a fuckin’ awesome chest and 6-pack abs. Pino is normally hairy so he must be following the trend of male actors going totally bare. Some of us like that, some of us don’t. What I do want is to see fully under his clothes!

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The Men On Scandal are Back and Hot As Ever


Check out the six pack on Columbus . When he shows off his shirtless body it is anybody’s dream come true. He is one of my favorite black male actors.  Short currently plays Harrison Wright.


Guillermo Díaz plays Huck who does the things that no one else wants to know about. He is an ex-government agent who did lots of questionable things. He is now on the side of the good guys. Díaz’s character is Huck.

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Brenton Thwaites Exposed


Brenton Thwaites is so hot shirtless and wet. He has a great set of six pack abs. I would love to get stuck in the wild with him!   Thwaites really got audience recognition when he played the role of  Stu Henderson in the Australian show Home and Away.  He was totally hot when he recently played Dean McMullen in Blue Lagoon: The Awakening.


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Shirtless and Sweaty Shemar Moore Showing Us the Moves


Shemar Moore is one of the finest black male actors ever. He has the perfect body to go along with his perfect face. I guess this is how he got the body he has. Lots of sweat and hard work! Moore got his start as a soap star, Malcom Winters, in The Young and the Restless. He then landed a perfect role as Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. Watch for the show to start up again September, 2013.

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