David Ramsey Shirtless and Hot in Arrow

Shirtless David Ramsey must spend hours a day in the gym to get a body as fine as that! His pec are hard, abs bulging 6 pack and arms that could hold me oh so tight! Oh top of that package we get to see Ramsey on the show Arrow. He can shoot inside me any time he would like!


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Lucas Bryant GIF from Haven

Lucas Bryant has a great ass based on what we can see of it. I love the GIF because we can see him moving his head and taking a good look at himself. Hopefully he is as pleased as I think I would be. His male actor ass is white and definitely squeezable!  Bryant began acting in 2003 and got some parts here and there until 2010 when he got the lead role in the TV show Haven. He plays the role of Nathan Wuornos.


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Shirtless at the Pool Christopher Nicholas Smith



Christopher Nicholas Smith, with his smooth and silky white pecs, is the adorable character Carter Thomas, on the new show We Are Men. The show seems pretty funny but I don’t know if it is up there enough to cut it for another season. I sure hope so. The show revolves around Smith, Jerry O’Connell, Tony Shaloub and Kal Penn hanging out at the pool. What is better than watching a bunch of guys strut around shirtless on TV.

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Shirtless Luke Roberts Ooozing Sexy

Shirtless and sexy Luke Roberts  looks good with just a touch of scruff on his face. Roberts just appeared shirtless in the TV show Reign. They got him to take his shirt off and I’ll bet it increased the rating in the show. I vote for bringing him back without his shirt again! Roberts is best known for his long running role as  Daniel Fryer in Holby City.


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