Ralph Fiennes’ Full Frontal Cock


Even though Ralph Fiennes is nude and being carried away in the freezing snow he manages to keep showing an impressive cock. Imagine warm in bed next to you! Fiennes has been in some fantastic movies including Schindler’s List and the Harry Potter’s series.

Watch for Fiennes in the new film The Invisible Woman.

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Colin Farrell Looking Great Clothed and Unclothed!

Colin Farrell has a fantastic ass that we have seen all over the big screen and this is just another peak for our eyes. Farrell has kept his body in incredible shape as he shows it off hanging out at the beach. If you have a foot fetish, this one ought to be killin’ ya!

Check Farrell out in the film Saving Mr. Banks.


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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Incredible Balls

Before we focus on Leonardo DiCaprio’s ball sacks lets look at how cute he has remained. He doesn’t seem to work out at the gym but definitely able to show off his body out in the sun at the beach. NOW, let’s talk about his ball sacks! It is always my opinion that when one of my guys is hung like that, not bent over, is going to be a dream come true for hours upon hours!

Catch DiCaptrio in the film The Wolf of Wall Street.


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GIF Of Ben Baur’s Full Frontal Cock

This GIF of Ben Baur’s full frontal dick shot is what I would call amazing. He isn’t a very big guy when he is dressed so I didn’t expect his manhood go be so sweet. Check out his balls too! The GIF shot is from the web series Hunting Season.  Baur hasn’t gotten his due audience attention yet but I am sure it is soon to cum. Ben_Baur_Hunting_Season_real_GIF_01f

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Liev Schreiber’s Insane Ass

Liev Schreiber shirtless Ray DonovanLiev Schreiber nude Ray Donovan

Liev Schreiber has ass on him that I totally didn’t expect. I knew he was hot but not that hot. I will look at him in a whole new light! Schreiber plays Victor Creed in the X-Men Creed films opposite Hugh Jackman. He also plays the starring role in the show Ray Donovan. The show is sheduled to return in the summer of  2014.

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