Beauty and the Beast Comes Back with More Shirtless Hotties

Jay Ryan is playing the beast to Kristin Kreuk’s beauty and the way he looks at her would make me fall for him too!

Jay Ryan looks like he is going to die from pleasure in this scene from Go Girls.  Ryan plays Doctor Vincent Keller, who struggles to not turn in to a beast at  night.


This GIF of Brian J. White makes me remember why I think he is one of the hottest guys under the sun. He has perfect black smooth skin. White plays Joe Bishop on the show.


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Male Actor Finn Jones Naked in Game of Thrones

Male Nude Actor Finn Jones has a perfect cock. Even without a hard on he has an impressive size dick. He has well shaved pubes for those of you like your male celebrities nice and clean!  Jones got naked in the TV show Game of Thrones. There is always a ton of nudity in the show, making it worth the while to tune in! Finn_Jones_Game_of_Thrones_naked_05

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