Ed Speleers Getting a Blowjob


Ed Speleers getting a blow job right out in the open. Then him running away – from whom? Speleer has a beautiful male actor ass. He definitely fits it the category of a twink male celebrity.  Speleer currently plays Jimmy Kent in the TV show Downton Abbey.

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Jake Gyllenhaal to be in Enemy

Jake Gyllenhall grinding his body is so hot that I am going to excuse myself to get a tissue!  If he does this on screen can you imagine how he is for real?!  Watch for Gyllenhaal playing Detective Loki in the new film Prisoners. He is playing along side with Hugh Jackman so it is one price for two! He will also be in the film Enemy toward the end of the year!


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Tom Mison Getting a Fantastic Blow Job



Tom Mison getting a blow job is exciting as hell. She is really going down on him. Mison is really cute so I would love to please him too. He has been acting since 2005 and this is his first starring role in Sleepy Hollow. He plays Ichabod Crane in the show.

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John Cho Shows off His Male Actor 6-Pack Abs

I used to think that John Cho was a definite male actor twink but check out the 6-pack abs that he has developed! He looks totally hot! I am adding him to the list of sexy actors to watch for. Now we need to catch him with his pants down.  Cho recently made a guest appearance on the TV show Sleepy Hollow.


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Shirtless Tom Weston-Jones in the New Show Cooper

Shirtless Tom Weston-Jones has the kind of face that you don’t know if you should say boyish or bronzish! Although born in England, Jones was raised in Dubai. He attended the University of London and earned a degree in drama and theater. In 2011 he played Sasha Gavrik in the British series MI-5. Weston-Jones currently has the lead role in the US drama series Cooper and is also part of the cast of a mini-series titled World Without End.
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