Michael Ealy Shirtless GIF in About Last Night

Michael Ealy Shirtless GIF in About Last Night is one hot scene. He doesn’t show off his oh so fine body very often so when I had a chance to make this GIF I had a blast. I just wish it was a full frontal naked shot of him. He has a great set of pecs. You can’t see his beautiful blue eyes in this shot but you have to check them out. They go fabulously with his black skin! Black male actors nude are my favorite to see on the big screen.

Not only is Ealy in the new film About Last Night he is also in the new TV show Almost Human as Dorian.


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Twink Nathan Parson’s Bulging GIIF

Twink Nathan Parsons in this GIF  has a smooth upper body but seems to have an impressive bulge . I wish he had mankini’s on but these will do.  He has the kind of body that I would love to snuggle with.  The tuft of hair on his chinnny chin chin is a tease for sure!

Parsons is a super hot hunk from the day time soap General Hospital. For all of you popcorn munching daytime viewers you must have been devastated when his character fell of the charts in 2012.   He just made a guest appearance on the TV show The Originals. Maybe this will give him a jump start in to prime-time TV.Nathan_Parsons_real_GIF_01b

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Matt Damon Naked GIF in Behind the Candelabra

This great Matt Damon Naked GIF says it all about his perky little ass. The shot comes from the film Behind the Candelabra with Al Pacino. Damon has one of the hottest male actor bodies in Hollywood. He has shared his nude body in tons of films. Check the shots out at Male Celeb Archives!

Watch for Damon in the new film Momentus Men in Februrary, 2014. Then it will be a long but I’m sure a worthwhile wait to see him in Interstellar.



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Zac Efron’s Scrumptious Naked Body in That Awkward Moment

Yummy Zac Efron went the oh so cute guy in High School Musical to the unbelievably sculptured man in the new film That Awkward Moment. This GIF of Efron shows his gorgeous face all the way down to his cute little feet! The would be the perfect time to straddle the toilet!


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Leonardo Dicaprio’s GIF Fucking Away

Leonardo Dicaprio fucks in the film Total Eclipse. I would grab on so tight that we would become one. Dicaprio showed his full body naked in his earlier career but I think he could still pull it off.

It’s been rumored that after Dicaprio’s last film, The Wolf of Wall Street, he is taking an extended break. He currently has nothing in the works.



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Geoff Stults Dripping Wet

Geoff Stults has one of those hairy chests that turn in to a treasure trail leading to what I am going to say a beautiful package just the way you want it! Unfortunately Stults hasn’t gotten a taste of true stardom and I don’t understand why. I watched him in The Finder and was totally bummed when it was canceled – great show.

Hopefully his new TV show,  Enlisted, will be a break out for him!


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Parker Young Hot, Hot GIF

Male Actor Parker Young isn’t just showing a bulge, he is showing it off with just a peak of the real thing under the wet suit!

Young just joined the cast of the new show Enlisted as Pvt. Randy Hill. I have high hopes for the show starring Geoff Stults. There are some real hot male actors in the show!


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Terry Crew’s GIF Old Spice Commercial

Terry Crews has unreal pecs. It makes my eyes crazy trying to keep up. But it seems to keep me happy between the legs! This great GIF of Crews is of an Old Spice shaving cream commercial!

Crews recently joined the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Check him out in it before it most probably gets canceled. It is worth seeing lots of him!Terry_Crews_real_GIF_01a

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Cums to Suck Your Blood

Even just a peak of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ pubes is a sexy turn on. Meyers has so many looks that  I have to always to do a double take making sure it is him. I am never surprised when I find out it is. This picture actually doesn’t do his incredible blue eyes justice. Cum back for more!

Meyers is in the new show Dracula as Alexander Grayson.  It seems to be a hit.


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Ronnie Kroell’s Massive Cock

If I was hung like Ronnie Kroell I would stand in the mirror and admire myself day and night. Well, except when I was letting others admire me! Kroell started as a fashion model and then got in to acting. He came in 2nd in the reality show Make Me A Supermodel.

Kroell is currently working on two movies, Truth or Dare and Kissing Darkness. Both are in post-production.


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Marky Mark Wahlberg GIF Strutting on Stage

Mark Wahlberg started out his career known as Marky Mark with the band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. As you can see he has been sexy from the get go. His body is incredibly – screaming sex, sex, sex.

Wahlberg keeps himself busy with tons of movies. His most current being Marcus Luttrell in the film Lone Survivor.


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Matthew McConaughey Naked on Stage in Magic Mike

Matthew McConaughey shows moves that I drool over every time I watch this GIF. His ass definitely lights my fire!  This GIF is from the movie Magic Mike. If you like this, check out the movie because there is a ton of fantastic ass throughout.

McConaughey is playing Rust Cohl in the new TV show True Detective starting tonight.


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