James D’Arcy’s Rock Hard Body


James D’Arcy’s Rock Hard Body

Jame’s D’Arcy has a fantastic body. He has rock hard abs in the first picture and you can tell he totally buffed up in his short part on the TV show Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I don’t know how  his part didn’t last based on this scene! Male actors that will work on their bodies to get parts in movies and shows show how dedicated to their careers they are. D’Arcy shows it!

D’Arcy is seldom the leading man in the films that he works on but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give a great performance. The scenes he is in are always great. He should definitely be recognized as a good actor. He landed a co-starring role as Thomas Schaeffer in the new TV series Those Who Kill.  Unfortunately after just two shows it was shot off the channel.  It is still worth putting him up on the site though!

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Jake McLaughlin Smooth and Shirtless


Jake McLaughlin Smooth and Shirtless

Shirtless Jake McLaughlin may be best known for his role as Bo in the crime series Crash. The series star was Dennis Hopper. Subsequent appearances were in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, The Whole Truth, The Mentalist, and In Plain Site.


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Jesse Metcalfe in His Speedos and Bulging



Jesse Metcalfe in His Speedos and Bulging

Jesse Metcalfe shows his bare naked ass in the film John Tucker Must Die in the lead role as John Tucker. He

Metcalfe currently plays Luke Watson on the new TV series Chase.

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Christopher Meloni’s Full Frontal GIF


Christopher Meloni’s Full Frontal GIF

Christopher Meloni did tons of full frontal naked scenes in the show Oz. He wasn’t the only one. You could always expect to see at least one dick or ass in every show. Sometimes there were unbelievable scenes of rape and male anal sex that looked incredibly real. For some, it was too much, for others, wow!

Meloni is also well known for his role as Detective Elliot Stabler in the long running show Law & Order: SVU. He left the show in . It hasn’t been the same without him. Well, he is back on the small screen. Catch Meloni in the starring role as Jack Dunlevy on the new show Surviving Jack.

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Julián Gil’s Stacked Body


Julián Gil’s Stacked Body

Julián Gil’s sexy body definitely adds a little spice to my day.  Argenitinian actor/model is total and complete perfection. Just check out those bedroom eyes! I am waiting for him to jump up just enough to show us what he is packing! Maybe in an upcoming picture! You never know!

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Martin Henderson’s Impressive Bulge Gets Me Drooling


Martin Henderson’s Impressive Bulge Gets Me Drooling. Henderson has done work on many different types of movies from horrors/thrillers to romantic comedies. He seems to fit in to any type of role he is given. He has been in several TV series that just haven’t taken off quite as well as we would have liked. I would have loved to see him on the small screen much more often.

Well my wish has come true once again. Henderson is starring in the new television show The Red Road as Harold Jensen. Maybe with him as the star the show will get top ratings. I’m guessing that if they give us shots of Henderson’s junk more of us will stay tuned in each week!

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Steve Zahn Naked GIF


Steve Zahn Naked GIF

This GIF of Steve Zahn and Paul Walker Naked is one of my favorite scenes. Both have great bodies and they bared them in the film  Joyride.  Zahn doesn’t tend to be a leading man in the many many films that he keeps busy with.

However, he just landed a co-starring role with Christian Slater in the new television series Mind Games. In the first episode he was a little over the top crazy but by the end of the show he had calmed down. I am hoping that he doesn’t spend too much time in that state because it was a little to hectic. I think the show has potential which would be nice for him and his other fellow actors. An actor with this kind of naked ass should go a long way on the big and small screen!  Hopefully the writers can find some way to get him shirtless!

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Kevin Costner’s Perfect Hairy Chest in This GIF

Kevin Costner’s Perfect Hairy Chest in This GIF is so hot that I can’t even cross my legs. Costner shows off his natural body in all of his naked and shirtless scenes. He has never worked on building muscles or physique. It is kind of sexy.  GIFs are the newest thing and I will keep making them whenever I can. Cum back for more!

Catch Costner starring as Ethan Renner in 3 Days to Kill.  He will also be in the upcoming film Draft Day, April 2014.


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Jason Bateman Checking Out His Asshole

Jason Bateman Checking Out His Asshole with a mirror! Hmm! That is quite a scene. Can we actually see his asshole?! Yummy.  It comes from the 2011 film The Change Up. I never saw it, now that I have discovered this picture, maybe I will!

Bateman started acting in The Little House on the Prairie in 1981 and did only TV until 2006. That is when he got his chance on the big screen. For us old foggies Bateman is best known for his role as David Hogan in the TV series Valerie.

Well, Bateman is back at it starring in the new show Growing Up Fisher.  Maybe the writers will be smart and get him to show off his cute little body!

jason bateman nude change-up

David Walton’s Hairy and Wet GIF

David Walton’s Hairy and Wet GIF gets me horny as ever. Just knowing water is dripping down his whole body teases me all over. Walton has spent most of his acting career doing shows that don’t do to well. They do a few shows and then get canceled. He is in the new show About a Boy. Let’s hope that this time it will be a success for him.

I am hoping that the show will be smart enough to get Walton to do shower scenes like this so that it will keep us interested and returning week after week!


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Will Smith Naked Shower Scene

Will Smith Naked Shower Scene. I don’t know what else to say. The only complaint I could possibly have is that finger is is dick.  Black male actor Will Smith is not only talented in his acting career but he has also had a successful music career. His music is funky and I love it. I am hoping that he is as sweet and funny in real life. Jada Pinkett is one lucky bitch!

Check out Smith in the new film Winter’s Tale starring Colin Farrel. A totally blazin’ hot bad boy. Don’t forget that Matt Bomer is in there too. If you like the older manly kind of actor, Russell Crowe is your guy!


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Gregory Marcel’s Unbelievable Bulge Lights My Fire

Gregory Marcel’s Unbelievable Bulge lights my fire. Along with that his long slim hairless body. He is incredible looking. Marcel is starring in the role as Miles Hood in the new TV series Mind Games.

Marcel’s most memorable role is as Leo Spaulding in the film Sun Kissed. The GIF below is of him and actor John Ort moving in for an intimate kiss. Unfortunately the scene only showed this much so I couldn’t get the actual embrace in.

With his incredible looks and his success in films and TV Marcel should be looking toward a long and successful career.



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Usher’s 6 pack abs in this GIF makes me sizzle all over

Usher’s 6 pack abs in this GIF makes me sizzle all over. He has a soulful sexiness about him unlike any other black male celebrity. Based on his unbelievable upper body I just know that his lower body is just as magnificent. Big, black and tasty.  I love GIFs because they show how our favorite black male celebritiy’s bodies ripple as they move.

Usher has an album coming out some time in 2014. But for those of us that don’t get to see him in concert  can go right to the big screen. He is in the upcoming film  Hands of Stone as Sugar Ray Leonard. The film is starring Robert de Niro and Ellen Barkin. He will definitely be shirtless a lot in this film!Usher_real_GIF_02a

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Kit Harington Looks Super Buff in Pompeii

Kit Harington Looks Super Buff in Pompeii. His 6 pack abs don’t even look real. The only way I could tell is to grab the back of his hair and run my lips down from his lips to his, what I am going to imagine, rock hard dick. If he has an upper body like that, don’t you think he would work on his lower body too?!

It is crazy how Harrington’s actor career has taken off. He started with a small role in the TV show Game of Thrones in 2011 and just got the starring as Milo in the new film Pompeii.  Harrington is also in four more upcoming movies. If they show skin I will GIF them immediately for you!


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Alex Pettyfer’s Perfect Naked Ass

Alex Pettyfer’s Perfect Naked Ass grinds this woman in the film Magic Mike. The GIF makes the scene so much hotter than just a still picture. It shows her holding his bare ass as he grinds in to her.  This is definitely better than any GIF you would find on Tumblr!  Where are the men in this scene? I would be right there hootin’ and hollerin’ right along with them. In fact I might just push her aside and tell him how it would feel to have a real ride!

Pettyfer is in the new film Endless Love as David Elliott. Stupid me didn’t go see it on Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t mean that I can’t go see this heart throb this weekend. I will keep bringing your steaming shots of him as they come up!


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