Chris Zylka Exposed


Chris Zylka has the perfect body to be sculpted. There isn’t a blemish on his oh so fine body! Zlyka just started  playing  Tyler Lewis on the new show Twisted. I haven’t watched it but now that I see he is on it I will definitely tune in. If there is any chance that I will see his fine ass it will all be worth it. Will let you know what I think!


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Patrick Wilson Baring His Awesome Ass



Patrick Wilson has a fantastic ass and I have no problem picturing myself in that lucky ladies postion! Now if I can only make it come true! If you didn’t get a chance to see his last film, The Conjuring, get it as soon as it comes out on Blue-Ray.  Check Wilson out in the film  Insidious coming to the big screen very soon!

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Revenge is Back and There Should be Some Great Twists and Turns

Revenge makes twists and turns all the time while keeping us smiling  watching all of the hot guys on the show. Check out these male actors shirtless.


Gabriel Mann is has a great chest to go along with those perfect abs. I would never put a head to his head…. well that head!   Mann’s character is Nolan Ross.


Nick Wechsler has a great shirtless body and in the show he  is soft and sweet and desperately in love with Amanda/Emily. His character is Jack Porter.


Joshua Bowman is one of the new young hot actors. He is English but in the show you can’t detect any type of accent. I wouldn’t mind the accent – it is kind of sexy! Bowman’s character is Daniel Grayson.Barry_Sloane_shirtless_06

Barry Sloane is the newest and definitely the sexiest addition to Revenge. He is another English actor that  I would love to hear!  He is there to help Amanda/Emily extract Revenge on the Graysons. He plays Aiden Mathis.

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Bad Ass Robert De Niro

les nerfs à vif<br /><br />
cape fear<br /><br />
1991<br /><br />
réal : martin scorsese<br /><br />
Robert De Niro</p><br />
<p>Collection Christophel

Robert De Niro bared his whole body when he was a little younger and I definitely approve! Sweet ass! The picture of his ass is from the older film Novecento. Although the above picture of him shows one bad ass he has started taking on roles in goofy movies. Easy to de-stress from life and get some laughs.  Check De Niro out in the new film The Family.


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Sexy Karl Urban to be in Riddick


Karl Urban is sexy with his clothes off or showing off that beautiful chest of his! I am waiting for him to show us what is below. Until then I can picture it being big and beautiful. Urban hasn’t ever had a starring role in any of the films he has been in but I will wait for that time to come for sure! The picture of him below is from the film Star Trek XI. Check him out in the new film Riddick with Vin Diesel.  Also watch for Urban in the film The Loft coming out August, 2013.


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Josh Radnor to be in Afternoon Delight


Josh Radnor has a masculine body because of that oh so sweet hairy chest. I love how it heads right down to his pubes! Radnor has been playing Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother since 2003. Watch for him in the upcoming film Afternoon Delight. Delight sure is a description of him!


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Lucas Till Exposed


Lucas Till has that sweet boy face which makes me hope he is a bad boy behind closed doors! That look of innocence can kill a person! Up to this point Till’s roles in films and TV have been pretty small. Well, I am glad to say that he is moving up in the world of acting.  Earlier this year he starred in the Australian film Wet & Reckless. He has moved on to a co-starring role in the new film Random. I will definitely check it out even though there are no shirtless or naked scenes. Bummer.


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Walker Hare Exposed


Walker Hare has one beautiful cock that he should be proud of swinging around on the camera. Male on male sex scenes are so exciting!  Hare hasn’t been acting very long so he scored when he landed the role of Lenny in the show Hunting Season. Hare also recently starred in the film Love Actually. It got mixed reviews but if he is in it, it can’t be all that bad!Walker_Hare_Huntington_Season_GIF_real_01f

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Philip Winchester Naked in Strike Back


If I could just curl in a fetal postion with Philip Winchester I would be content for a very long time. He has the perfect position for some of us to slide right in! Winchester is playing the star role of Sgt. Michael Stonebridge  in the TV show Strike Back.


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Gilles Marini in Switched at Birth


Gilles Marini is so beautiful it takes my breath away! The body and that incredible French accent… Marini made a big impact on the watchers of Brothers & Sisters as Luc Laurent. He sure made the show steamy! He is now in the show Switched at Birth as Angelo Sorento.


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Tim Pocock SEXposed


Bringing one of the best, the brightest and definitely the hottest (I hope) men to brighten up your Monday morning: Tim Pocock. fits all of the above and more. His career is really starting to gather audience attention. He was on the show Dance Academy from 2010 – 2012 and just picked up the role as Robbie Matthews in the show Camp.


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Juan Pablo di Pace Exposed


Arengentinian actor Juan Pablo di Pace has a great look. His boyish good looks should carry him far in his acting career. Pace has focused his career on foreign films and has made a great jump to American TV. He is playing the role of Miguel Santos on the show Camp. Let’s hope his next step is the big screen and some nudity too!Juan_Pablo_di_Pace_GIF_03e

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Michael Cassidy Shirtless in Men at Work


Michael Cassidy is such a cutie that I am craving to see him nude! Great hairy chest, Not to little and not to much! Cassidy has mostly done small roles in lots of shows and TV movies until he landed the role of Tyler on the show Men at Work.


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Ben Baur Exposed


How sexy are Ben Baur and Hare Walker in this scene from the show Hunting Season. The web series is about being young, gay and single in New York. I can’t seem to find out if there will be a second series so I will definitely go back and watch the first season. I heard there is a lot of full frontal shots!Ben_Baur_GIF_01i

How sexy are Ben Baur and Hare Walker in this scene from the show Hunting Season. The web series is about being young, gay and single in New York. I can’t seem to find out if there will be a second series so I will definitely go back and watch the first season. I heard there is a lot of full frontal shots!

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