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Josh Henderson Perfect Body GIF


Josh Henderson Perfect Body GIF

Josh Henderson has the most awesome male actor 6 pack abs. I love the little line of hair between his awesome nips too. Basically I love the whole package in this GIF.

Henderson is playing the lead role as John Ross Ewing in the TV series remake of Dallas. This is his first big role and based on the shows popularity I think he is well on his way to a long career as a leading man. He sure has to looks to get him all the way. Hopefully he will get on the big screen at some point also!

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Tyler Blackburn Exposed



Tyler Blackburn is so sexy wet that it makes me wet! I love the low hanging swimsuit. I just wish the tide had ripped them off so that we could see what is under there!  Blackburn plays Caleb Rivers in the hit show Pretty Little Liars.

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is Back

If you are only in to hot guys and don’t care about the actual show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is one show that you should follow. Just seeing George Eads and Eric Szmanda is worth a space on your DVR.


Holy crap, check out George Eads’ shrinked nipples from the cold air whipping past him. I hope no other parts of his body have shrunk. If not, he could depend on me to heat him up! Eads currently plays Nick Stokes on the show.


Eric Szmanda is hot in real life as well as in the show. His little chest is definitely as close to a Twink as he can get! Check Szmanda out as Greg Sanders on the show.

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Law & Order: SVU Returns with Danny Pino

danny pino shirtless law and order svudanny pino shirtless law and order svu

Danny Pino has a fuckin’ awesome chest and 6-pack abs. Pino is normally hairy so he must be following the trend of male actors going totally bare. Some of us like that, some of us don’t. What I do want is to see fully under his clothes!

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Lucas Till Exposed


Lucas Till has that sweet boy face which makes me hope he is a bad boy behind closed doors! That look of innocence can kill a person! Up to this point Till’s roles in films and TV have been pretty small. Well, I am glad to say that he is moving up in the world of acting.  Earlier this year he starred in the Australian film Wet & Reckless. He has moved on to a co-starring role in the new film Random. I will definitely check it out even though there are no shirtless or naked scenes. Bummer.


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Ron Livingston to be in Drinking Buddies


Ron Livingston is a real cutie in his baggy boxer shorts. Makes you want to squeeze his “cheeks”!  And he has a nice little patch of hair on his chest.  Livingston keeps himself busy with at least one film a year. He doesn’t play big roles but we still get to see him up on the screen! Check Livingston out in the new film Drinking Buddies.


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