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Tyler Blackburn Exposed



Tyler Blackburn is so sexy wet that it makes me wet! I love the low hanging swimsuit. I just wish the tide had ripped them off so that we could see what is under there!  Blackburn plays Caleb Rivers in the hit show Pretty Little Liars.

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GIFs Jim Caviezal from Person of Interest

The show is Person of Interest. captured me when I saw quiet and mysterious Jim Caviezel. He is a turn on on the show and off.


Seeing Jim Caviezel wet is a total turn on. He has a super sexy bare chest with fantastic nipples. I also think Caviezel has one of the nicest looking faces on TV. Caviezel plays John Reese in the show.


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Josh Radnor to be in Afternoon Delight


Josh Radnor has a masculine body because of that oh so sweet hairy chest. I love how it heads right down to his pubes! Radnor has been playing Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother since 2003. Watch for him in the upcoming film Afternoon Delight. Delight sure is a description of him!


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