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Mark Consuelos’ Naked Rock Hard Body


Mark Consuelos has a rock hard body and he had no problem stripping all the way down as an exotic dancer before he began appearing on the daytime soap All My Children.

You might remember seeing this gorgeous hunk of a man in the show 1-800-Missing, and a couple of his more known roles in My Super Ex-Girlfriend and The Great Raid.

The new film, Nine Lives, is going to be a killer movie. Plan not to blink.  Mark is in this film with Robbie Amell, Teddy Sears, Christopher Walken and Kevin Spacey.  Great looks and great actors!

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Eamonn Walker Exposed

Eamonn_Walker_shirtless_01 What a beautiful black body on Eamonn Walker! After guest appearances and recurring roles in series such as Oz, ER, and Justice, Walker joined the cast of The Whole Truth. He plays the role of Wilder Blanks in the crime/fantasy TV movie 17th Precinct. The movies will be released July 12, 2012.

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Sean Harris Exposed

Sean Harris
recently showed off his cock in the show The Borgias. I have never seen the show but if they continue scenes like that I may just tune in. Until then I am lovin’ this pic. Harris will be playing Fifield in the new movie Prometheus.
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Thaddeus Rahming Exposed

Name: Thaddeus Rahming
Nude Thaddeus Rahming had a role in the 2011 comedy film Hall Pass. The stars of the film were Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate. Check out the Big Black Cock on him!

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Henry Ian Cusick Exposed

Shirtless Henry Ian Cusick appeared in several UK TV series’ such as Casualty, Two Thousand Acre of Sky, and The Book Group. He became well-known as Desmond Hume in the award winning US series Lost. Cusick will play the role of Stephen in a new US series called Scandal. The first episode is scheduled to air on March 1, 2012.Henry_Ian_Cusick_shirtless_13
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