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Patrick Warburton Naked

Patrick Warburton’s swinging dick is totally awesome. Very seldom do main stream films show such shots so this is a treat. A treat! He appears in the TV series The Venture Brothers on a regular basis. He is also in several upcoming films. We will keep you posted!

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Yon Gonzalez Exposed

Yon Gonzalez has the Spanish look that is extremely sexy. That body is one that can only be said to be remarkable. And is ass! And the scene!  I wish I had been there for the outcome! Gonzalez has played many roles on TV, his being the most current as Jolio Omedo in Gran Hotel.


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The Good Wife is Back To Give Us More

Young buck, Matt Czuchry and seasoned yet incredibly sexy Chris Noth make The Good Wife a great legal/political drama.


Matt Czuchry has a great body. His ass looks like a sculpted piece of wood. I would love to hang on all night long.  Czuchry plays Cary Agos in the show.


It looks like Chris Noth has just had his ass spanked. How exciting is that to think about?! Noth currently plays Peter Florrick on the show.

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Chris Zylka Exposed


Chris Zylka has the perfect body to be sculpted. There isn’t a blemish on his oh so fine body! Zlyka just started  playing  Tyler Lewis on the new show Twisted. I haven’t watched it but now that I see he is on it I will definitely tune in. If there is any chance that I will see his fine ass it will all be worth it. Will let you know what I think!


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What An Ass on Adam Sandler



I would have never guessed that Adam Sandler had such a great ass. I have spent most of my time laughing at his very funny movies. Now, while I’m laughing, I have a great picture of him nude! Sandler is in the new film Grown Ups 2. He is playing with Chris Rock so I am pretty sure it will be hilarious!

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