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Justin Hartley’s Great Kissing Scene on Revenge



Justin Hartley had a fantastic kissing scene on a recent episode of the TV show Revenge. He got to smooch with actor Gabriel Mann, playing Nolan Ross. Shirtless Hartley is more than a turn on but actually watching the kiss on a GIF blows me away!

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Naked and Shirtless Men of Revolution are Back!

Thank goodness that exceptionally hot men survived the worldwide blackout on the show  Revolution. Even though I couldn’t help spread the gene pool, I would keep these hot men ready to go!


Billy Burke has an ass to compare to all asses. He would be one of my top ranked.  Now it is time to see his dick in the mirror! Burke plays the great part of Miles Matheson.


If only we could have gotten a shot of David Lyons earlier we might have gotten a full frontal nude shot of this incredible male actor. I love GIFs. Lyons plays Sebastion “Bass” Monroe on the show.


This is definitely where I would love Graham Rogers to spend months at a time. That way he would be ready and willing for human touch. I’d touch him in ways that would blow his mind.  Rogers currently plays Danny Matheson, the son of Miles.

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J. Teddy Garces Exposed

J. Teddy Garces has that set of abs that will make anyone drool over  himself! Garces hasn’t been properly introduced to movie lovers. He is incredibly hot and I vote for him to be on the big screen immediately. I will watch for more information on him and bring it to you as soon as I find anything out!JC_Terrell_shirtless_06
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Vincent Walsh Exposed

With his hairy chest and his foreign accent Shirtless Vincent Walsh rates up there as one of our favorite foreign film actors. Walsh has done most of his acting on TV. He is best known for his role as Dr. Russell ‘Russ’ Monsour on Jozi-H. He is currently playing Lachlyn / The New Ash on the Lost Girls.Vincent_Walsh_shirtless_06
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