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Jordan Gavaris Exposed

Jordan Gavaris is the typical Twink that are becoming more and more popular in Hollywood. Yeah for those who like that look! Gavaris hasn’t been acting long so when he landed the role of Felix Dawkins in the new show Orphan Black it was exciting. I haven’t checked the show out but I will definitely do so now that I know such a hottie is in it!
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Jamie McShane Exposed

Check out that nice white bubble butt on Jamie McShane. McShane has appeared in many TV series episodes such as Psych, Raising the Bar, Lincoln Heights, Sons of Anarchy, and Southland. His work in films includes Thor, Mr. Brooks, Hostage and the starring role in Grand Theft Parsons. His most recent appearance was in 2011 on the TV series Castle. He played Tony ‘The Butcher’ Valtini.

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John Simms Exposed

John Simms has had roles in episodes of several British TV series such as Oasis, Men of the World, The Locksmith, State of Play, and The Devil’s Whore. His best known roles are Sam Tyler of Life on Mars and The Master in the 2007 revival of Doctor Who. Simm currently stars in the British drama/thriller series Mad Dogs.
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Boyd Holbrook Exposed



Boyd Holbrook only started his acting career in 2008 and has become a regular on TV and movies. He began as a Male Model which isn’t surprising based on his awesome Twink look! He was recently in the film The Magic of Belle Isle and will be in the upcoming movie The Oranges starring Hugh Laurie.

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