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Chris Zylka Exposed


Chris Zylka has the perfect body to be sculpted. There isn’t a blemish on his oh so fine body! Zlyka just started  playing  Tyler Lewis on the new show Twisted. I haven’t watched it but now that I see he is on it I will definitely tune in. If there is any chance that I will see his fine ass it will all be worth it. Will let you know what I think!


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Gilles Marini in Switched at Birth


Gilles Marini is so beautiful it takes my breath away! The body and that incredible French accent… Marini made a big impact on the watchers of Brothers & Sisters as Luc Laurent. He sure made the show steamy! He is now in the show Switched at Birth as Angelo Sorento.


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Josh Duhamel to be in Scenic Route


Josh Duhamel has a body that even a sculpture would envy!  Duhamel’s first good role was in the show Las Vegas as Danny Mccoy. He was also a hottie in the daytime series All My Children. He has really made a move in his career. He has finally got a starring role in the new film Scenic Route. Definitely makes it a must on my list!


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Ben Foster to be Ain’t Them Bodies Saints


Ben Foster does have a very masculine yet angelic look. His body looks sculpted like a God. And check out that oh so fine naked ass! If you love it, check out the film Get Over It. Foster is now in the film Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. There’s that description again!


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Ryan Reynolds Bulging at the Seams


Ryan Reynolds has a magnificent body. That ass is too perfect that even my imagination can’t keep up with it! He has a pretty nice bluge but his chest! Holy shit!
Reynolds plays all kinds of roles from action to romantic comedies. I love him in all types. Especially when he bares his beautiful white ass! Check him out in the new film R.I.P.D.

Ryan Reynolds GIF 01

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