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Jesse Metcalfe in His Speedos and Bulging



Jesse Metcalfe in His Speedos and Bulging

Jesse Metcalfe shows his bare naked ass in the film John Tucker Must Die in the lead role as John Tucker. He

Metcalfe currently plays Luke Watson on the new TV series Chase.

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Jesse Metcalfe Exposed

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Jesse Metcalfe Bio: In late 2003 and early 2004, Metcalfe made two guest appearances on the WB Network TV series Smallville as Van McNulty. But he made a huge impression with his appearance in the popular ABC TV drama Desperate Housewives, where his character had a secret relationship with housewife Gabrielle Solis played by Eva Longoria.

Metcalfe’s first film role was in John Tucker Must Die (2006), in which he plays a wealthy and insincere teenage playboy. Soon after, Metcalfe hosted The Paul O’Grady Show. In 2008, he appeared in American Cowslip as Jay, The Other End of the Line as Granger Woodriff, Insanitarium, and Loaded as Tristan Price.  In November 2008, Metcalf hosted the World Music Awards in Monaco. After “a couple glasses of champagne” at a party after the Awards, Metcalf fell off a second-story balcony and tumbled thirty to forty feet to the ground.



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