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Eric Balfour Full Frontal Naked


Eric Balfour Full Frontal Naked

Eric Balfour has a great dick to tease us with this full frontal shot and his perfect ass. His face ain’t half bad either! If you like what you see here check out Male Celebrity Sex for an awesome video clip of the entire scene!

Eric is seen everywhere, all the time! He shows up either co-starring, making guest appearances or starring in films or on shows several times a year. He currently plays Duke Crocker on the hit show Haven. The show ramps up September 11, 2014. Get ready for some Balfour time!

Eric Balfour Full Frontal Naked

Eric Balfour Exposed


Eric Balfour was character “Claire Fisher’s” love interest through most of the first season of hit HBO’s Six Feet Under.  At age thirteen he appeared for one season of Kids Incorporated.  In 2001 Balfour played character “Milo Pressman” in 8 episodes of the long running series 24. In 2006 the character was brought back for another nineteen episodes. Starring in the 2005 sexually explicit film Lie With Me he played the role of “David” with co-star Lauren Lee Smith as “Leila”.

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