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Usher’s 6 pack abs in this GIF makes me sizzle all over

Usher’s 6 pack abs in this GIF makes me sizzle all over. He has a soulful sexiness about him unlike any other black male celebrity. Based on his unbelievable upper body I just know that his lower body is just as magnificent. Big, black and tasty.  I love GIFs because they show how our favorite black male celebritiy’s bodies ripple as they move.

Usher has an album coming out some time in 2014. But for those of us that don’t get to see him in concert  can go right to the big screen. He is in the upcoming film  Hands of Stone as Sugar Ray Leonard. The film is starring Robert de Niro and Ellen Barkin. He will definitely be shirtless a lot in this film!Usher_real_GIF_02a

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J. Teddy Garces Exposed

J. Teddy Garces has that set of abs that will make anyone drool over  himself! Garces hasn’t been properly introduced to movie lovers. He is incredibly hot and I vote for him to be on the big screen immediately. I will watch for more information on him and bring it to you as soon as I find anything out!JC_Terrell_shirtless_06
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Marcel McCalla Exposed

I can’t believe I missed out on the show Footballer’s Wives. There was tons of male nudity in the show. Marcel McCalla is just one example. Check out his fine, fine ass!  He began acting at the age of 14, in the British theater production of Oliver.  Other stage roles include Emile in Fallout and Kev in Little Sweet Thing.  He has had recurring roles in UK TV series such as Grange Hill, Footballer’s Wives and Trexx and Flipside.  McCalla currently does the voice of Gomez in the animated series Matt Hatter Chronicles.Marcel_McCalla_nude_03
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Nathan Constance Exposed

Name: Nathan Constance
Birth date/place: January 7, 1979 in London, England
Nathan Constance is known for his roles in the British TV series’ Footballers’ Wives, Dream Team and Bad Girls. Film credits include Adulthood, Kidulthood, and London to Brighton.

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Keith Hamilton Cobb Exposed

I love big beefy black men. Keith Hamilton Cobb fits the bill!  Cobb became known for his role as Tyr Ansazi in the 2000 sci-fi series Andromeda and as Noah Keefer on All My Children from 1994-1996. He also played Damon Porter on the soap opera The Young and the Restless from 2003-2005 and Quincy on the comedy series Noah’s Arc. Cobb’s film credits include Cold Light of Day, Astonished, and Eyes Beyond Seeing.

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