Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless and Single

Son of AHNOLD, Patrick Schwarzenegger   and daughter of Billy Ray, Miley Cyrus have called it quits. …at least for now. Here are a few snaps of the heir-apparent Patrick. He’s done a bit of acting and modelling including Grown Ups 2 and Stuck in Love.

Patrick Schwarzenneger and his entourage hitting the water in Miami Beach Patrick-Schwarzenegger


Adam Driver Naked in Girls

Adam Driver started out as a sex-crazed bootie call for Hannah in HBO’s Girls, but his character has developed over time, giving him more depth, and more importantly, more screen time. Adam still gets nasty and naked on the small screen, we just get more of it.

You can also catch Adam in While We’re Young in movie theaters now.

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adam-driver-girls-naked adam-driver-underwear

Shameless Gay Sex Scene

We can’t get enough of Shameless, and especially the hot love affair between Ian and Mickey, known in real life as Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher. We’re a bit nervous as rumor has it Noel is looking for a film career and may be ready to scale back on Shameless… in the mean time, take a look at these screen caps of a hot sex scene between Monaghan and Fisher.  You get a rare peek at Cameron Monaghan’s penis!


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