Jonathan Rhys Meyers Cums to Suck Your Blood

Even just a peak of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ pubes is a sexy turn on. Meyers has so many looks that  I have to always to do a double take making sure it is him. I am never surprised when I find out it is. This picture actually doesn’t do his incredible blue eyes justice. Cum back for more!

Meyers is in the new show Dracula as Alexander Grayson.  It seems to be a hit.


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Marc Blucas’ Deadly Ass

Marc Blucas  has the most adorable teeny little ass and a nicely built body to go with it. A great face to go with it too! Blucas is best known for his role in Necessary Roughness which was canceled after its 4th season in 2013. He just got picked up for the role as Dan Winston in the new show Killer Women.


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Marky Mark Wahlberg GIF Strutting on Stage

Mark Wahlberg started out his career known as Marky Mark with the band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. As you can see he has been sexy from the get go. His body is incredibly – screaming sex, sex, sex.

Wahlberg keeps himself busy with tons of movies. His most current being Marcus Luttrell in the film Lone Survivor.


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Matthew McConaughey Naked on Stage in Magic Mike


Matthew McConaughey shows moves that I drool over every time I watch this GIF. His ass definitely lights my fire!  This GIF is from the movie Magic Mike. If you like this, check out the movie because there is a ton of fantastic ass throughout.

McConaughey is playing Rust Cohl in the new TV show True Detective starting tonight.

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