Liam Payne Exposed


Liam Payne is has one of those young, beautiful bodies (and face for that matter) that it is hard for me to tear my eyes away from. Unfortunately Payne has only been on the show X-Factor but maybe it will get his name out there! I for one would love to see him on the big screen!


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Josh Radnor to be in Afternoon Delight


Josh Radnor has a masculine body because of that oh so sweet hairy chest. I love how it heads right down to his pubes! Radnor has been playing Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother since 2003. Watch for him in the upcoming film Afternoon Delight. Delight sure is a description of him!


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Lucas Till Exposed


Lucas Till has that sweet boy face which makes me hope he is a bad boy behind closed doors! That look of innocence can kill a person! Up to this point Till’s roles in films and TV have been pretty small. Well, I am glad to say that he is moving up in the world of acting.  Earlier this year he starred in the Australian film Wet & Reckless. He has moved on to a co-starring role in the new film Random. I will definitely check it out even though there are no shirtless or naked scenes. Bummer.


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Walker Hare Exposed


Walker Hare has one beautiful cock that he should be proud of swinging around on the camera. Male on male sex scenes are so exciting!  Hare hasn’t been acting very long so he scored when he landed the role of Lenny in the show Hunting Season. Hare also recently starred in the film Love Actually. It got mixed reviews but if he is in it, it can’t be all that bad!Walker_Hare_Huntington_Season_GIF_real_01f

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Philip Winchester Naked in Strike Back


If I could just curl in a fetal postion with Philip Winchester I would be content for a very long time. He has the perfect position for some of us to slide right in! Winchester is playing the star role of Sgt. Michael Stonebridge  in the TV show Strike Back.


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Gilles Marini in Switched at Birth


Gilles Marini is so beautiful it takes my breath away! The body and that incredible French accent… Marini made a big impact on the watchers of Brothers & Sisters as Luc Laurent. He sure made the show steamy! He is now in the show Switched at Birth as Angelo Sorento.


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