Jeremy Piven to be in Drift


Oh how I wish I was the one being pushed up against the wall with Jeremy Piven sliding it in to me! His great ass looks awesome to wrap my arms around and hang on for the ride of my life. Piven has had a great career and is to be in the new film Drift. Can’t wait to see it!

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Jason Sudeikis to be in Where The Millers


Jason Sudeikis has a fantastic hairy chest. Some like it more, some like it less. I think this is just the perfect amount. Rubbing my hands through it works so fine! Sudeikis has been with both The Cleveland Show and Saturday Night Live for several years. He is really a funny guy on top of being totally sexy!

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Bruce Willis in Action



I would love to grab that towel so that we could get a better shot of his junk. If you pay close enough attention you will get a nice shot of his dick. From what I can see, it is pretty impressive. Definitely fits the bad guy films he has always done. Willis is in the new film Red 2. Hopefully he gives us what we always expect of him!

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