Michael Mando Exposed

Talking about smokin’ hot! Michael Mando is pure perfection. Next, I will scour the net and find him nude! I promise! I must admit that I don’t know much about Mando but now that I have seen him I like what I see for sure! It seems there are a ton of hot male actors on the new show Orphan Black. I am going to check it out and hope it is on my weekly choice of shows. He is going to be in the movie Make Your Move in mid July, 2013.Michael_Mando_shirtless_03
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Jordan Gavaris Exposed

Jordan Gavaris is the typical Twink that are becoming more and more popular in Hollywood. Yeah for those who like that look! Gavaris hasn’t been acting long so when he landed the role of Felix Dawkins in the new show Orphan Black it was exciting. I haven’t checked the show out but I will definitely do so now that I know such a hottie is in it!
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Josh Stamberg Exposed


Josh Stamberg is incredible looking from the chest up. How about some action now? I just know that he has a package that would pleasantly surprise any of us! Stamberg never really got his audience attention until he joined the cast of Drop Dead Diva as Jay Parker. He is really hot and sexy. Definite excellent addition to the show!Josh_Stamberg_shirtless_04
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Craig Kelly Exposed

Craig Kelly shows off a pretty sweet dick and lots of pube. Early in his career, Kelly appeared in single episodes of the TV series’ Screen One, The Good Guys, and A Touch of Frost. From 1993-1996 he played Daniel Perryman in the UK series Casualty. In 1999 he co-starred as Vince Tyler in the series Queer as Folk, and the following year, in the TV movie Queer as Folk 2. His most recent role was as Luke Strong in the drama series Coronation Street.

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Jackson Hurst Exposed

Jackson Hurst has the perfect chest to hold on to. Not to muscular not to flat. Just right! Hurst did a lot of videos and TV appearances at the beginning of his career. He then landed the role of Grayson Kent in the show Drop Dead Diva. I have never watched it but it has been on for several seasons so it has to be popular! Maybe I will check it out to see how sexy Hurst is in action!Jackson_Hurst_shirtless_07
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