Scott Maslen Exposed


Is this a fake Naked Pic of Scott Maslen?  Hopefully not… what an awesome cock! From 2002-2007 Scott Maslen played DS Phil Hunter in the British crime drama The Bill. He currently plays Jack in long-running British series EastEnders.

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Henry Thomas Exposed


Who didn’t love E.T.? Who didn’t cry when E.T. died? It is my all time favorite film. And young Henry Thomas was cute as can be. Well he has grown up being just as cute. This puts him in the hot Twink category! Well…. E.T. remake is coming out in October. I am hitting the theaters as soon as it is out.

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Josh Radnor Exposed

Shirtless Josh Radnor has the perfect amount of hair on his chest. Enough for us hairy chest lovers not too much for those who like bareness. Radnor currently plays Ted Mosby in the show How I Met Your Mother so if you don’t tune in to the show, but like what you see, move it up to your watch list! Radnor is going to be in the new film Liberal Arts, coming out October 5, 2012.
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Christopher Wiehl Exposed

Christopher Wiehl has spent his career on the small screen and we just haven’t gotten enough with this Shirtless hottie! We want more! Wiehl has made many guest appearances on shows and TV movies but nothing on the big screen. He is currently playing a small role on the show Switched at Birth. Christopher_Wiehl_shirtless_03
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Steve Byers Exposed

Steve Byers has sprouted hotness as his career really begins to thrive. Byers has been in many TV shows and has landed parts in two new series. He is playing John Bennett in Alphas and Gray Sanders in L.A.Complex. Catch him in either or both! The more the better in my book!Steve_Byers_shirtless_19
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