Sean Harris Exposed

Sean Harris
recently showed off his cock in the show The Borgias. I have never seen the show but if they continue scenes like that I may just tune in. Until then I am lovin’ this pic. Harris will be playing Fifield in the new movie Prometheus.
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Darwin Shaw Exposed

Darwin Shaw has appeared in episodes of British TV series such s Wire in the Blood, Holby City, and Call the Midwife. He played the role of Matai in the recently released film John Carter which stars Taylor Kitsch. Shaw is part of the cast of the historical series The Borgias. Darwin_Shaw_shirtless_06
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Sean Maher Exposed

Shitless Sean Maher is both sexy and bulking which looks good on him. One of  Maher’s first acting roles was as Ryan Caulfield in the 1999 TV series Ryan Caulfield: Year One. He then appeared in the drama series Party of Five, The Street, Firefly, and Make It or Break It. Maher currently plays the role of Sean Beasley in The Playboy Club which first aired in September, 2011.Sean_Maher_shirtless_06
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Michael Cassidy Exposed

Michael Cassidy first became known for his portrayal of Zach Stevens in the comedy/drama series The O.C. He played Grant Gabriel in the third season of Smallville, and Charlie Hogan on Privileged. Cassidy currently has one of the major roles in the new comedy series Men at Work.Michael_Cassidy_shirtless_02
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Joe Dempsie Exposed

What a smooth, beautiful Twink body Joe Dempsie has! I wish the scene of him pulling his underwear down was available! I searched and searched. Joe Dempsie’s best know role is as Chris Miles in the 2007 comedy series Skins. He has also made appearances on British series such as Doctor Who, Merlin, This Is England ’86 and The Fades. Dempsie currently play Gandry on the popular series Game of Thrones.Joe_Dempsie_12
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Sacha Baron Cohen Exposed

Holy cow… if you like hairty chests, here you go. If you like bulges, here you go! Sacha Baron Cohen is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer who received nominations for both Academy Awards and Golden Globe Award. He is well known for developing the characters of Ali G, Borat, and Bruno in both television and films. He recently played the role of the Station Inspector in the fantasy film Hugo which starred Ben Kingsley. Cohen’s most recent role is General Aladeen in the 2012 comedy film The Dictator. He also does the voice of King Julien XIII in the animated Madagascar films.

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